Hassrale Trips: Lewes/Harveys Brewery

Date: Friday 30th January 1987

This is an excellent all day trip masterminded by Dave Saffery. Those members who cannot spend the whole day with us, visiting a different selection of pubs at lunchtime and the brewery in the evening, have the option of attending just the visit to the brewery.

The town and surrounding countryside and there is a chance of a quick trip to Brighton or elsewhere during the afternoon closed period for those with the energy. A variety of shops and eating places are open throughout the afternoon. There is a good variation of beers and the places in which it is served. You are strongly encouraged to attend.

The train leaves Victoria at 9:50 AM (probably from platform 12 - but please check). We will meet at the barrier at 9:35 AM or in the buffet area of the train after that. The day return fare is £7.10.

For those making the evening brewery visit only, the train leaves London Bridge Stn at 5:02 PM.

Arriving at Lewes about nine minutes before the first pub opens there is just time for a look at the excellent station book stall and then on with the trip. The first pub is about one minute from the station

Morning and Lunchtime

1. Lansdowne Arms [11:35]
Beers: Wethereds Bitter, Samuel Whitbread Strong and Flowers Original

An excellent local one bar pub. A good selection of records on the juke box , particularly for Rolling Stones fans.

2. Royal Oak [12:10]
Beers: Beards and possibly others on the hand pump

This pub was closed on the last visit but has now re-opened with a major uplift and a conversion into a one bar pub. It seems very nice and with much more room

3. Volunteer [12:45]
Beers: Websters, King & Barnes

Large and well appointed pub opposite the station. Has gone a little to seed but is still very popular and can get quite full. Two bars

4. Snowdrop [14:00]
Beers: Websters, King & Barnes

Located a little out of the town the pub is well worth the walk despite being a Watney's house. Does excellent and cheap food at lunchtime. Towered over by the Lewes cliffs the pub was the scene of a tragic incident in 1836 when snowslides from the hills above buried and killed eight people. A very cosy pub.

5. Gardners Arms [14:30]
Beers: Flowers

Walk back to this pub in Cliffe High St almost opposite the Harvey's brewery. A small two roomed pub with pictures of the Bonfire Celebrations on the wall. (Bear this in mind we might visit them this year). This pub will also be the assembly point for the brewery visit in the evening

That rounds of the morning/lunchtime session. Nearly all the pubs do food of some kind even if they have not been mentioned. There are coffee houses and snack bars in the town. If you fancy Indian or Chinese please check opening times as we found they tended to shut when the pubs did! For a good basic fry up (Mixed grill, tea, bread &butter - £1.90) Aladdins is recommended. They stop serving at 3 PM. There are plenty of shops in the town and a castle. This should keep you occupied till 6 PM when we start again.


E1. Gardners Arms [18:30]
Beers: Flowers

E2. Harveys Brewery

The visit will start at 6:30 PM. There will be a chance to have a free sample afterwards. It is not clear how long the visit will take because no limit has yet been put on the sampling at the end. If we finish early enough to want another a pint ad hoc arrangements should be made at the time

Reg Wright Secretary
16th January 1986

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