Hassrale Trips: Lewes

Date: Saturday 4th November 1989


Trains to Lewes leave Victoria at 51 minutes past the hour. I would suggest the 9.51 which arrives at Lewes at 10.53. The last train back direct is the 10.38pm although there are later trains via Brighton.

This year the 5th of November falls on the 4th (Official). I think we have now exhaused all the pubs in the town itself so will have to tread the well worn paths of previous visits. Bearing in mind the idiosyncracies of Bonfire Nights in Lewes I have planned to finish the lunchtime session in a pub likely to be open all or a large part of the day.

On leaving the station and, bearing in mind that it is unlikely that the pubs will be open when we arrive, it is best to get the walking in early on. Proceed past the Lansdowne and up the hill (Station Street) Turn left at the top and continue along the High Street and eventually into St Annes Hill. We pass the Brewers Arms, Shelleys, Pelham and the Black Horse and eventually come to a fork in the road. Take the right hand road and proceed to the end. On your left au^ on the corner you will find:-

1. WINDMILL - St Annes Hill (12 Noon)
Beers: King and Barnes, Mild, Sussex and Festive.

Comments:- Former Watneys pub with an alleged early start for food. Friendly with excellent beer. Very close to Lewes Prison so take care.

On leaving we wend our way back the same way back into town having crossed the road. Shortly we will come to:-

2. PEWTER POT - Western Road (12.35pm)
Beers: Shepherd Neame Master Brew and Hall and Woodhouse Badger.

Comments:- Although we have been to this pub before it has now re-opened after a major uplift. Was to be a restaurant but seems to be a pub. An old pub that was formerly a canteen for those building the prison. Single story pub which did sell all its beer on gravity but may have a cellar now. A Shepherd Neame pub so the beers may now vary.

Continue back down Western Road still on your left you will find:-

3. BLACK HORSE HOTEL - Western Road (1.10pm)
Beers: Harveys Best, King and Barnes Festive and Old

Comments:- This is a pub that has been visited many times before Two bar pub with "Toad in the Hole" game a very Sussex pub occupation. Will have food on lunchtime and does accomodation. A former Coaching Inn.

We still continue back into town and cross the road at the lights. We are back into the High Street and will come to:-

4. BREWERS ARMS - High Street (1.45pm)
Beers:- Harveys Best, Youngs Special and Ordinary, Hall and Woodhouse Tanglefoot and Guest beers (Range may vary)

Comments:- Again a very regular watering hole and a good one to be insulted in. Best choice of beer in the town and nearly always in good condition. Also a good jukebox. Some food may be available although I am sure interest will have waned by now.

Continue along the High Street until you arrive back at the point when you joined it at the start. Turn left across the road and walk Fisher Street. On arriving at the Lamb you will see an alley to your left next to the fish and chip shop. Walk down there to:-

5. LEWES ARMS - Mount Place (2.20pm)
Beers: Harveys Best, King and Barnes Festive

Comments three roomed pub with one of the rooms for pub games. Built in 1825 on the site of an even older Inn. Rather compact but a very pleasant pub with atmosphere. Food will probably be limited to rolls and pickled Eggs.

Turn left in Mount Place (do not ascend the hill) and proceed down to the end. Turn left cross the road and continue down to Sun Street turn into thei road and at the far end you will find:-

6. FRUITERERS ARMS - Sun Street (Corner of Lancaster Street) (3.20)
Beers: Shepherd Neame Master Brew, Best Bitter, Stock Ale?

Comments:- Almost a two bar pub with batwing doors dividing. Again it does good food but it is probably too late by now. I am assuming that the pub closes at 5pm as all the pubs so far do. Very friendly and well worth the visit.

The lunchtime session is now complete but we did find a bonus last year which I hope will be repeated. Leaving the pub turn right down Lancaster Street and continue until you get to the bridge over the river. Cross over and you should see, pretty much ahead of you;-

7. DORSET ARMS - Malling Street (As and When)
Beers: Harveys Mild, Best and Old?

Comments:- A completely restructured pub with a former chequered history. Now the Brewery Tap for the Harveys Brewery just across the river. Seems to specialise in food with a separate restaurant but does some bar snacks in the pub. There is a good chance that there will be little available at this time and will probably be crowded at the time. Last year the bar did close during the afternoon but they did immediately open a bar outside with real ale. Seems now to be the Headquarters of the Cliffe Bonfire Society and they may march off from there.

Things get vague now. If it is cold/wet we will probably not wish to hang around too long but there is little likelehood of any pubs opening until at least 6pm. I have listed two pubs that may open in the evening.

A. KINGS HEAD - Southover High Street
Beers: Charringtons IPA and Bass.

Comments;- Whilst the pub may open at 6pm it is never sure whether we can get in. There are bouncers on the door to control the masses and if it gets too crowded they close the doors, A nice two bar pub that was once my local.

B. SWAN - Southover High Street
Beers: Harveys Best and Old (May also have Mild).

Comments:- This will open because it is located just outside the town boundary. The only actual Harveys pub in Lewes. It is located well away from the activities so is much quieter at least early on in the evening.

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