Southport Trip - 18-21st March 1993

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Most of the details in this document have been taken from the Merseyside pub guide. This is now somewhat out of date and pre-dates the loss of the Higsons brewery. All indications of beer type must be regarded as guidelines rather than what we will actually find.

Thursday 18th March

Trains to Liverpool Lime St from Euston:

14:50 - 17:32, 15:50 - 18:27. 16:50 - 19:20, 17:45 - 20:22

Then from Liverpool Central or Moorfields to Southport:

Southport town centre pubs:-

Coronation Hotel - 12 King St [1]
Whitbread, Castle Eden

Large modernised one room pub can become crowded, food lunchtime.

Crown Inn - Coronation Walk [2]
Matthew Brown, Mild, Bitter

Town centre hostelry, cosy and comfortable.

Guest House - Union St [3]
Boddingtons Bitter, Higsons mild & bitter.

Three room town centre ale house. Oak panelled walls, popular.

Herald - 16 Portland St [4]
John Smith bitter

Smart pub, entry in Beer Bed and Breakfast.

Masons Arms - Anchor St [5]

Small back street local, behind main Lord St post office.

Old Ship - 43 Eastbank St [6]
Ind Coope Burton Ale

Large town centre pub, rock nights on Thursday, popular with motor cyclists, beer garden.

Scarisbrick Hotel - 239 Lord St [7]
Boddingtons, Ruddles, Tetley

Very busy town centre hotel. Popular with young people, real ale selection in Baron's real ale bar. Food lunchtime and evening.

Ship Inn - Cable St [8]

Traditional style, back street boozer. Note the Walkdens windows, a reminder of a long since gone Birkdale brewery. Coal fire.

Two Brewers Lounge - Kingsway [9]

Large town centre pub with seperate wine and food bar. Good reputation for meals, food till 9pm.

Victoria - 42/43 Promenade [10]

Fairly new, well furnished pub and restaurant on Promenade. Large outdoor seating area overlooking the Pier and Floral Hall gardens.

Volunteer Arms - 57 Eastbank St [11]

Friendly town centre pub, look out for mynah bird (if still around?). Singalong evenings with organist.

Wellington - 22 Eastbank St [12]

Three room town centre local, quiz nights..

Windmill Inn - Seabank Rd [13]

Matthew Brown mild & bitter

Large friendly pub, large outdoor area, occasional entertainment, barbeques in summer.

Map 1 : Southport
Southport map

Saturday 20th March

Southport to Wigan Wallgate:

9:48 - 10:23, 10:53 - 11:23, 11:53 - 12:23

I understand that there is a Wigan beer guide, unfortunately I do not possess a copy of this document. I am assured that there are some very good pubs in Wigan and that some people know the names of these pubs, this is good enough for me.

Wigan beer festival March 18-20th 6th Beer at the Pier at the Mill at the Pier. Open Saturday 12:00-16:00 then 19:00-23:00. Admission £1 for Saturday sessions, free to CAMRA members. Other sessions, Friday 12:00-15:00 then 17:30-23:30 (admission £1.50).

Wigan Wallgate to Southport

17:00 - 17:30, 17:35 - 18:11, 18:30 - 19:00, 19:30 - 20:00, 20:18 -20:54, 21:18 - 21:55, 22:18 - 22:48

Friday 19th March

Southport to Liverpool Moorfields

at 49, 04, 19 and 34 past hour, arrive 27, 42, 57 and 12 past hour.
[between 8:49 and 18:19]

(could change at Sandhills which is first stop out of Moorfields before line divides).

Liverpool Moorfields to Ormskirk

at 47, 02, 17 and 32 past hour, arrive 15, 30, 45 and 00 past hour
[between 7:32 and 18:32]

Ormskirk pubs:-

Buck I'Th'Vine Inn - 35 Burscough St [6]
Peter Walkers mild & bitter

Popular and historic old inn, much altered over the years. Unique 'Sweet Shop Window' bar. Real fire, one quiet room, outside drinking. Lunches Tues-Sat.

Eureka - Halsall Lane [12]

Cask bitter not always available.

Golden Lion - 41 Moor St [7]

Split level lounge and handsome wood bar are features of this improved town pub. Lunchtime food, small outside area.

Greyhound - 100 Aughton St [10]
Peter Walker mild & bitter, Ind Coope Burton

Excellent example of a market town local. Nicely enlarged with homely bar and several other rooms. Real fire no canned music.

Horse Shoe - 24 Southport Rd

Friendly, well patronised and rather noisy little pub, real fire.

Kicking Donkey - Narrow Moss Lane [1]
Ind Coope Burton, Peter Walker mild & bitter

Popular country pub, ½ mile from town centre. Newly refurbished in traditional style. Good value meals, beer garden.

Pepés - Aughton St [8]
Matthew Brown mild, Youngers Scotch bitter

Cask beer fun pub, aimed at younger clientele. Lunches Thurs- Sat.

Plough - Church St [4]
Tetley bitter

Multi-roomed town pub, popular with younger clientele. Note the mild is keg!

Queen Inn - 81 Aughton St [9]
Vaux bitter

Handsome town pub with unchanged multi-room interior. Bright and sometimes rather noisy. Real fire, bed and breakfast available.

Ropers Arms - 52 Wigan Rd [11]
Burtonwood bitter

Nicely modernised old pub with excellent range of Whiskies. Despite misleading pumpclips milds are pulled from keg. Real fire and lunches Mon-Fri.

Snig's Foot - Church St [5]
Burtonwood bitter

Changes may follow switch to managed estate.

Yew Tree - Grimshaw Lane [2]
Higsons mild & bitter, Boddingtons bitter.

Successful postwar pub in residential area. Two large rooms, one a well used public bar.

Ormskirk to Liverpool Moorfields

at 12, 27, 42, 57 past hour, arrive 37, 52, 07 and 22 past hour
[between 7:57 and 18:42]

then every 30 mins at 42 and 12 arrive 07 and 37 past hour
[last train 23:12]

Liverpool Moorfields to Southport

at 38, 53, 08, 23 past hour, arrive 16, 31, 46 and 01 past hour
[from 17:23 to 23:08]

Map 2: Ormskirk
Ormskirk Map


Railway - Tithebarn St [4]
Boddingtons, Higsons

Friendly pub in business area

Saddle - Dale St [8]

Well run pub with strong local flavour

Cains - 23 North John St [11]
Tetley, Jennings

Basement pub styled on gentlemens club. Friendly with a pleasant change from standard pub grub. Opens 10:00am to serve coffee.

Grapes - 25 Mathew St [14]
Higsons, Boddingtons

Almost opposite original 'Cavern' used by sixties pop groups. A characterful pub with small rooms to one side and an opened out lounge at other.

Flanagans Apple - Mathew St [15]
Marstons Pedigree

Great atmosphere in large wood floored pub, often with live music in cellar bar. Solitary handpump.

White Star - Button St [57]

Refurbished 89, Situated in alleyway system between shopping and commerce areas. Famed for the quality of its draught Bass.

Sloans 21-23 Richmond St [16]
Higsons, Boddingtons

Successful 'new age' Higsons pub that has retained its character. Atmosphere is lively, drop in trade is good.

Richmond - 32 Williamson St [17]

Small single bar pub with back lounge. Friendly often crowded but with good service.

Carnarvon Castle - 5 Tarleton St [18]
Boddingtons, Higsons

Small welcoming pub in main shopping area of city. Voted pub of the year in 87 & 88. Famous for its toasties and model car display.

Old Post Office - School Lane [22]
Stones bitter, Bass

City centre pub in quiet back road, longer than it seems with a snug at the back. A lively l-shaped bar features a juke box and mixed clientele.

Globe - 17 Cases St [25]

One hundred years old in 1988, a year when it was nicely re-furbished. A proper pub with a cosy snug off the main bar, the Globe houses people in mementoes of the much missed Villiers. Beware the sloping floor.

Lion Tavern, 61 Moorfields (corner of Tythbarn St) [5]
Burton, Walker mild and bitter.

(shut on Sunday)
A ornate Victorian pub with three room, smoke room/public and two parlours. Note coloured glass domed skylight in back room. Popular pub for pub lunch weekdays. The pub is named after the Lion locomotive which pulled one of the first trains between Manchester and Liverpool's Exchange Stn.

Map of Liverpool City Centre:
Liverpool City Centre
Sunday 21st March

Trains Southport to Liverpool Moorfields:

Liverpool - University/Cathedral area

Philharmonic Hotel - 36 Hope St [49]
Tetleys, Jennings

A magnificent mosaic fronted island bar with a mosaic floor, superb stained glass, mahogany and a fine fireplace. Beyond the Brahms and Liszt rooms is a grand lounge which serves as a food servery at lunchtime. There are snugs and small rooms off the main bar area.

Ye Cracke - 13 Rice St [48]
Oak bitter, Marstons Pedigree

A must for the Oak beer (?) and the pub itself. The many seperate areas have been kept in Liverpool's best traditional pub. A garden area and good food.

Trader Jacks - 21-23 Berry St [45]
Marstons Pedigree

Spacious one bar pub with comfy seats. Live music on Tue, Wed & Thurs, plus both Sunday sessions. One of a chain of pubs that includes Flanagans.

White House - 185 Duke St [42]
Peter Walker mild, bitter.

Done up recently making it a pleasant pub. On the edge of Chinatown, it features a large front bar with pool and side entrances into a comfy lounge.

Dr Duncan's - 77 Seel St [41]
Tetley mild and bitter

Multi-roomed pub, which is busier at lunctimes. Formerly known as The Albert now named after first medical officer of health. It is near both Chinatown and clubland.

Roscoe Head - 24 Roscoe St [44]
Tetleys, Burton, Jennings

Small front snug, back lounge, side lounge off bar area tell you of an unspoilt, traditional local. Extensive tie collection decorates lounge.

Trains from Liverpool Lime St to London:

15:40 - 18:36, 16:10 - 19:06, 17:10 - 20:04

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