Hassrale Trips: Liverpool St North

Date: Thursday 1st June 2000

This trip is the last of our Liverpool Street trips, we have circled the station several times now and ended up in the Hamilton Hall each time and no doubt we will do the same tonight. I should warn anyone of a sensitive nature that two of these pubs have exotic dancers (what a nice euphemism). We start at the Bishopsgate exit from Liverpool Street mainline station. Cross the road, turn left and head up the road till you get to.

1. Slurping Toad - Bishopsgate [18:30]

Beers Bass, Courage Directors, Popes (abv 3.8)

Modern looking pub, very woody interior, large clear glass windows. There was no canned music on our visit but there was a large projection TV which is probably normally showing football. There were a number of games machines scattered round the bar. There was the usual paraphenelia on the walls including Mr Toads jacket in a glass case Signs pointed to a dining area upstairs and James noticed a lift to take you there.

The next pub is a little obscure because I can't remember the exact street that it was in (or what its full name was) but don't let that put you off. Keep moving North and look down all the side streets on your right, down Brushfields Street you will be rewarded by the sight of Christ Church Spitafields. I think that the street we are looking for is Folgate Street (perhaps) where on the north side of the street about 100 yards down you should see. [panic over I've checked on the Net and it is in Folgate Street]

2. Pewter Platter Tavern - Folgate Street [19:15]

Beers: Breakspears Bitter, Special, Arkells 3B, London Pride

This must be a fairly new pub though the building looks old. Its a large pub which is divided up into several drinking areas. There is a large no smoking area which was completely empty on our visit plus dining area. The toilets are downstairs where there is also a games room. There was plenty of seating dotted round and as far as I can remember no music. The beer was in good condition. If we find this pub again remind to take a note of the address.

Back to the main road and keep going north, you are now moving onto Shoreditch High Street. Cross over the road for our third pub.

3. Crown & Shuttle - 226 Shoreditch High Street - [19:45]

Beers: Gibbs Mew Country

This is a small pub and furthermore is made smaller by having exotic dancers so I have made this a short visit (still enough for a pint). A handy hint for the unwise when a woman approaches you with a beer glass in hand you are supposed to put money in it (50p or UKP 1). The windows are heavily curtained and there is music of sorts.

Leaving here continue north, cross over Eastern Street at the lights and keep going up Shoreditch High Street for a short way, in fact you need to cross over to the other side of the street for our next pub.

4. White Horse - 64 Shoreditch High Street [20:30]

Beers: Theakstons Best, Wadworths 6X, London Pride

According to the ELAC beer guide there has been a pub on this site since 1462. This is a fairly large pub with a main bar area plus a pool table room at the back. I think that the pool table had a blue beize covering or did I imagine this. There is a large projection screen showing sport above a small stage where from time to time there is exotic dancing though at a slower frequency than the last pub. Friendly pub though busy.

Leaving here you turn sharp right down Redchurch Street where a short walk will take you to

5. Owl and Pussycat - 34 Redchurch Street [21:15]

Beers: London Pride, Wadworths 6X

Fairly large pub with plenty of seating. In fact we sat at the bar on our trial run as I was feeling the effects of the evening. There was a definite Edward Lear theme to the pub. There was a bar billiards table which I haven't seen for some time. Food again prominent and still being served on our visit. There appeared to be a dining area upstairs though we didn't check. I think that there was a large pub dog though maybe imagined this. Very up to date pub, they even had their own web site (well I checked and it appeared to be empty so not that useful).

Leaving here we head back to Liverpool Street which is a slight walk. Personally I would recommend finishing of as usual in the Hamilton Hall at Liverpool Street station. There is usually some interesting beer here though its always full of inebriated people whenever I go there.

Survey Details

Present: James Featherstone, Edmund Featherstone

Date: 6th April 2000

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