Date: 14th September 1994
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This trip winds round Marble Arch tube station. This is not the best area in the world for beer variety and is somewhat affected by tourism but it was a pleasant stroll in the summer weather. Starting at Marble Arch tube go west and then turn right up Cumberland Place, left onto Seymour St and then right onto Seymour Place. (numbers in {} are map nos from RBIWL, [] are leaving times).

1. Carpenters Arms, 12 Seymour Place {6-2} [18:30]
  1. Fullers Pride, Boddingtons, Timothy Taylors Landlord, Market Tavern bitter

Small single bar pub, bench seating round the wall, lots of wood panelling. Small seating area outside. Darts board at back of the bar. A chalk board proclaimed various guest beers which they seem to change fairly regularily. No canned music but the barman seemed to be very fond of Capital FM.

Up Seymour Place and right onto Upper Berkeley St.

2. Masons Arms, 51 Upper Berkeley St {6-6} [19:15]
Courage Best, John Smiths

Another traditional one bar pub with island bar counter. Pub was divided into two areas but there was no difference between the two sides. Food bar but none in the evening. Slightly shabby furniture probably due for a refurbishment. Background musak but not too loud (contrary to the report in the West London beer guide).

Continuing east on Upper Berkeley and right onto New Quebec St.

3. Bricklayers Arms, 6 New Quebec St {1-23} [20:00]
Wadworths 6X, Theakstons best, John Smiths, Courage Best

Large pub, very hot on our visit with a few inadequate fans. Plenty of seating but fairly busy. A fair sized seating area outside. The music was louder here than the previous pubs. Lots of wood panelling, dimly lit, fire escape at the back (is this significant).

Down New Quebec St, left onto Seymour St, right onto Portman St and left onto Portman Mews South.

4. Three Tuns, 1 Portman Mews South {1-43} [20:45]
Courage Best & Directors

Yet another single bar pub, bare floor boards, wooden tables and chairs. Sizeable bar are rambling into several alcoves. Fairly busy, noticeable amount of tourist trade (but it is close to Oxford St). There were two benches outside.

Continuing east along Portman Mews South at the corner with Orchard St.

5. Cask & Glass, 23 Orchard St {1-24} [21:30]
Courage Directors, John Smiths

A Chef and Brewer pub, the bar actually downstairs (was there anything at ground level?). A fairly large bar and not that busy on our visit. Extensive food area but not operational in the evening. Lots of bare wooden floorboards, tables, chairs etc. Noted that the ceiling was covered in corks, bottle labels and various other items of drinking ephemera. Music seemed to be eminating from a large TV showing MTV (or was it standard canned music).

South on Orchard St, across Oxford St and down North Audley St.

6. Marlborough Head, 24 North Audley St {1-61} [22:15]
Courage Best & Directors, John Smiths

Large pub on the corner of North Row. Another Chef and Brewer. Plenty of seats both inside and outside and again quite noisy. There seemed to be a restaurant downstairs and John found a nice airconditioned alcove (with a table for 3 people). Quite a handsome brick facade.

Trial Run:
Date - 27th July 1994
Present - J Wright, E Featherstone
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