Tuesday 1st November 1994

Hassrale Logo There was indeed a Marylebone trip a mere couple of years ago (11/8/92), however that covered the High Street whereas this one is further west. In order to facilitate locating the start we begin actually in Marylebone Station itself. As many of you will recall this was the regular venue for HASSRALE social evenings up until December 1990, where many a true (and a lot more errant) dart was thrown. The station is on the Bakerloo tube line or for those coming from Aylesbury, Banbury or Birmingham, on the Chiltern mainline. The first port of call is at the western end of the concourse. Approximate leaving times are shown in [ ].

1. The Victoria and Albert Bar - Marylebone Station concourse W1 [18.30]
Bass, Worthington Best Bitter; Tetley Bitter.

Comfortable two-bar establishment, both well appointed and well decorated. Note especially the elaborate ceiling in the larger bar. The smaller bar was one of the original haunts for HASSRALE darts matches when the Club used to take over the bar area as a private party. Quite unlike most London station bars, this is quiet, convivial and better than many pubs. The dart board is still there, but not in its original location. It is now obstructed by a large pot plant and two tables, but bring your darts we might just be lucky. On leaving via the main station exit, turn right cross over Harewood Avenue then go down Harewood Row to Lissom Grove. Up on the right at the junction with Shroton Street is ...

2. The Globe - 47 Lissom Grove NW1 [19.15]
Fullers London Pride; John Smiths.

This is a fairly small corner of street pub with one bar area although one suspects there were originally two since there are entrances on both streets. Definitely a local type of hostelry with canned music and a TV. Not at all busy and fairly quiet. Opposite you will see the renowned and very popular Seashell fish bar where in the late evening people queue down the street. Exit using the door onto Shroton Street then turn left. A little way along on the opposite side is ...

3. The Perseverance - 11 Shroton Street NW1 [20.00]
Bass; Fullers London Pride.

Large Charrington's establishment with the public and lounge bars now combined into one. Plushly appointed with much wood panelling. There is a large recessed skylight in the lounge bar area which sports vegetation around a lower shelf. The "unattractive yellow lighting" that the North London guide of 1987 mentions is thankfully no longer evident. The pub would appear to do food although only sandwiches in a cold cabinet were on display. Not too busy and no loud music. Now continue on down Shroton St. and turn right into Ashmill St. If my memory serves me correctly, further down on the left hand side should be ...
4. The Marquis of Anglesey - 77 Ashmill Street NW1 [20.45]
Charles Wells Eagle, Bombardier.

Relying on the N. London beer Guide, this used to be a Charrington's house, but obviously has changed its allegiance since 1987. Formerly there were two bars, but now there is one U-shaped drinking area with the "back bar" dominated by a pool table. Recently refurbished, it has the usual plush bench seating with plenty of tables. Sadly the original gas lighting has been replaced by the new-fangled tungsten stuff. This is a popular establishment as indicated by the comments of one of the survey team, "don't buy crisps, the dogs will have your hands off!". Say no more. Turn left down the next side road and continue on to the junction with Bell St. Continue on to Lissom Grove, turn right and to the junction with Marylebone Rd then cross to Seymour Place. Next right is Harcourt St and down on the left is ...

5. The Harcourt Arms - Harcourt Street NW1 [21.30]
Burton, Tetley Bitter; Marston's Pedigree; Youngs Bitter.

As you might gather from the range of beers this is a Nicholson's pub. Cosy might be the best way to describe the place, the horse shoe-shaped counter takes up a large area so it seems somewhat cramped when busy. It is comfortable however with an outside garden and terrace at the back. Rugby memorabilia adorn the walls. Continue on up to Old Marylebone Rd then turn left. A little further down brings us to ...

6. The Pontefract Castle - 48 Old Marylebone Road NW1 [22.15 or whenever]
Bass Bitter.

A large pub with two bars now merged as seems to happen frequently, well certainly on this trip. There is a beer garden at the rear possibly not appropriate in November. This used to have separate public and saloon areas separated by a curtain, but no longer. It is in the traditional road house style and the dining area has a proper skylight (and no yellow lighting). Seating can almost be guaranteed, it's so sizeable. So what about Edgware Road you say, well if you continue down to the end you will find Edgware Road itself. Then under the flyover is the entrance to Edgware Road tube. Perhaps we'll explore further next time. That's it!

Trial run Tuesday 27th September 1994; participants - Paul Tiffany, Edmund Featherstone and John Wright.

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