MARYLEBONE HIGH STREET : Tuesday 18th August 1992
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It must be a few years since Hassrale last did this area? I have vague memories of a trip possibly 5 years ago, maybe somebody with a better memory can remember. This is the sort of trip that appeals to the more sedentary member, all the pubs roughly in a straight line down one street. This reduces both the walking and the chances of anybody getting lost. The trip starts at the northern end of Marylebone High St so I would recommend starting at Baker St Stn, crossing Marylebone Rd and walking left till you get to the start of Marylebone High St. Though its probably almost as close to start at Regent Park Stn.

1. Prince Regent, 71 Marylebone High St [18:30]
Fullers Pride, Charrington IPA, Bass

Ornate pub with statues on the bar, apparently has splendid Nubian light fittings whatever they may be. For the older members this pub was called the Lord Trelawney's Head up to 1966.

A small walk down the road will find the next pub, we pass the Rising Sun which is in RBIWL but had no real ale on when our intrepid surveyor looked in.

2. Queens Head, 93 Marylebone High St [19:15]

This is down as Niki's in RWIWL but must have reverted back to its previous name and also changed its beer since it had Breakspears (plus something else?) on when visited. Usual insensitive conversion of an old pub par for the area.

Turn dowm Moxon St at the side of the Queens Head and take the second turn on your left into Aybrook St where we find:

3. Bricklayers Arms, 33 Aybrook St [20:00]
Burton, Tetley, Adnams

Apparently there is a fine view of an NCP car park. Food is said to be on all day. Single wood panelled lounge, a Nicholson's pub?

Turn right out of this pub, the first turn on your left should take you back to Marylebone High St, turning left you will find the next pub a short distance along:

4. The Black Horse, 109 Marylebone High St [20:45]

Old Finches bar, note Finches mirror, upstairs wine bar.

Now cross over Marylebone High St, turn right and then take a left down Weymouth St, then right onto Westmoreland St at the end of which the next pub is to be found. I note that there is also The National Heart Hospital which could be useful for us cholesterol abusers.

5. Dukes Bar, 35 New Cavendish St [21:15]

Pleasant corner pub, used to be a nice locals pub called the Duke of York now a trendy cafe bar.

Turn right onto New Cavendish St which will take us back to Marylebone High St, turning right and walk down the road till you reach a Sam Smiths pub (no bottled Guiness!, or at any Sam Smiths pub) turn left taking you to:

6. Prince Alfred, 118 Marylebone High St [22:00]
Adnams, Tetleys

Another Nicholson's pub with polished wooden floors and an impressive frontage with fine glasswork. Originally called the Cross Keys it was renamed in 1863.

Leaving here your nearest tube station is probably Bond St though you could retrace your steps back to Baker St.

Survey Team: J Featherstone
Survey Date: Lunchtimes in June 92

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