Hassrale Trips: Marylebone 99

Date: Wednesday 7th April 1999

This is another trip in the environs of Marylebone. We start at Baker St station and finish at Great Portland station. Leaving Baker St station cross the Marylebone Road and head south down Baker St turning at the third turning on the right into Crawford St where a short distance down the road you will find:-

1. Beehive - 126 Crawford St [18:30]

Beers: Theakstons Best, Courage Best, Greene King Abbot, Jollys Megabyte

Large three sided single bar, lots of seating, soft background music. A fairly comfortable pub with carpets, heavy red curtains and a fairly dark woody interior, nice lamps. Pictures of Conan Doyle and other associated Sherlock Holmes material. The Jollys pump clip confused me by having both millenial references and mention of early computers.

Now return back to the junction with Baker St, cross over and go down Paddington Street. I haven't got an address for the next pub but it will be on your left either at the junction with Luxborough St or Nottingam Place.

2. All Bar One - Paddington St [19:15]

Beers: Fullers London Pride, Bass

Fairly typical for this particular chain, long bar with bench style seating at the front and two smaller seating areas at the front and the back. Quite busy so you will probably have to stand at the bar. The usual monorail is over the bar, supposedly for carrying round food orders but I didn't see it operating. The ceiling is covered with heavy ducting which looks false to me (or maybe I'm wrong). There is a large display of shelving behind the bar covered mainly with bottles of wine but also advertising jars of olives, pistachios and beans (baked?). Food is central to this bar and we are informed that the steak sandwiches are very good.

Continue on to the junction with Marylebone High St turn left past the Rising Sun and up to the next pub

3. Prince Regent - 71 Marylebone High St [20:00]

Beers: Fullers London Pride, Bass

According to WLBG used to be Lord Trelawneys Head (in 1966) and has obviously undergone some fairly recent refurbishment. Large one-bar area split around a U-shaped. The front bar has more basic furnishings whereas the second bar is more comfortable. Brightly lit by strangel lilac coloured bugle shaped light fittings. Background music. Lots of plain glass windows looking onto the street. We sat by a nice marble fireplace but no sign of an actual fire. The entrance to the gents was round the other side of the bar but could actually be accessed by going through the door marked ladies. Food at lunchtime was said to be very good.

Turn back down Marylebone High St and cross over the road into to take the turning on the left into Devonshire St where a short walk will take us to

4. Devonshire Arms - 21a Devonshire St [20:45]

Beers: Green King Abbot plus A.N other (maybe IPA)

Small highly decorative pub which now appears to have gone continental. Drinks were served at the table by a waiter, luckily there was a table free when we entered. You would have had difficulty standing at the bar as a additional higher counter has overlayed the original surface. This is in the form of a long curve which extends out quite a way beyond the original bar. The cosy atmosphere was helped by two real gas fires. There were a number of newspapers on the bar presumably for perusal by customers. Food seemed to be a major preoccupation.

Leaving here continue on down Devonshire St and turn right down Beaumont St, keep on down this road till it becomes Westmoreland St where you will find

5. Kings Head - 13 Westmoreland St [21:30]

Beers: Greene King Abbot, IPA

Small and comfortable pub, horseshoe shaped bar. It says lounge bar on one door, maybe this was referring to an upstairs bar, but we didn't check. There are two gents which seems strange, maybe it was divided into two bars one. There was a real gas fire plus a TV showing football. Not too busy and quite friendly.

Leaving here we have a bit of a walk to whichever tube station you decide to go to. Following the trial back to Great Portland St we go back up Westmoreland St and turn right into Weymouth St, continue along here to Great Portland St where we turn left and walk to the top of this street where we will find the tube station.

Trial Details:

Date: Wednesday 3rd March 1999

Present: J.Wright, E & J Featherstone

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