Hassrale Trips: Maundy Thursday 1992

Date: Thursday April 16th 1992

Easter, though late this year, is nearly upon us. The time hs come round again for members to take exercise by walking along the streets of SE1. Those in need during the afternoon can, of course, enter some or all of the pubs below to refresh themselves. All pubs are open during the afternoon. The recommended FOOD pub is number 2. I've added by each pub a possible time of departure, not to be taken to seriously.

1. THE BELL - 57 Webber St SE1 (1.30)
Beers: Bass

A friendly one-bar pub, and an old haunt of HASSRALE.

2. GENERAL ABERCROMBIE - 94 Webber Street SE1 (2.15)
Beers: Shepherd Neame Masterbrew and Spitfire

Two bars, serves large selection of hot meals. Now a real ale pub, having been taken over by Sheps. The landlord says that Spitfire will be on indefinitely.

3. GOOSE AND FIRKIN - 47 Borough Road SE1 (3.00)
Beers: Goose, Borough Bitter and Dogbolter

One bar pub, in the 'spit and sawdust' style and famiiliar to most members. From 2.00 pm, the pricee of Goose bitter is reduced to £1.

4. WINCHESTER - 154 Great Suffolk St SE1 (3.45)
Beers: Courage Best and Directors

Two bars, and again familiar with most members.

5. LORD CLYDE - 27 Clenham Street (off Ayres St) SE1 (4.15)
Beers: Ruddles Best and County and Websters Yorkshire

Two bars. Handy, nice pub for a short stop on the way to:-

6. THE GRAPES - 121 Borough High Street SE1 (whenever)
Beers: Courage Best, Wadsworth 6X, Old Hookey, Old Merlin + guest beer

Two bars and serves hot meals all day to 8.30 pm.As front bar is really a restaurant area, I suggest use the back bar where the pumps are.

See you there. John Carter

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