Hassrale Trips: Walworth Walkabout

Date: Maundy Thursday 12th April 1990

It's Easter again and time for HASSALE's annual lunchtime perambulation! This year we have chosen an area unfamiliar to most HASSRALE members, and whilst the range of beer may not be quite as spectacular as in previous years, we feel that this is a trip for the connoisseur of the good, honest local (pub No 2 excepted). Approximate leaving times are in [].

1. The Court Tavern, 42 Renfrew Road SE1 [12:45]

Beers: Shepherd Neame Masterbrew

One-bar pub with pleasant atmosphere opposite police training college - so watch it! Rare outlet for Shepherd Neame in SE1. Good range of hot and cold food available.

Walk down Renfrew Rd, turn left into Kennington Lane and continue until you reach the short cut (Cricketers Ct) on your right which leads into Kennington Park Road, where you turn right. The next pub will be on your right.

2. The Mansion House, 46 Kennington Park Road SE17 [13:15]

Beers: Marston Pedigree. Also certain Wh*tbr**d products.

Cocktail lounge-type establishment with a strange assortment of bric-a-brac scattered around. In this case the effect seems to work - but what do other members think? Food is available.

Cross Kennington Park Road and walk back towards the Elephant until you reach Penton Place. Turn right down Penton Place, then right into Berryfield Road. Follow road round until you reach Tarver Road. Turn right into Tarver Road, then left into Delverton Road and right into Manor Place/Chapter Road. The next pub is the left, on the corner.

3. The Surrey Garden Arms, 9 Chapter Road SE17 [14:00]

Beers: Courage Best, John Smiths

Large turn of the century pub with friendly landlord and much original woodwork. There may be some rolls. Whilst we're on the subject, it would be nice to see Tom and Aileen again.

Continue round Chapter Road and turn left into Carter Street - the most exclusive thoroughfare in Walworth - until you cross over Penrose Street and into the next pub.

4. The Beehive, 60 Carter Street SE17 [15:00]

Beers: Courage Best, Directors, John Smiths

Very popular local which also offers a large range of malt whiskies. A scattering of thirties household equipment and I fear, a wall mounted photograph which some members may find offensive! Food available all day. This is intended to be the main eating stop.

Turn right out of pub and follow Penrose Street round until you reach Walworth Road. Cross it and continue down East Street until Brandon Street, where you turn left. The next pub is on your right.

5. The Crown, 115 Brandon Street SE17 [15:45]

Beers: Charrington IPA, Bass. Guiness also on handpump dispense - presumably fake.

Welcoming ex-Wenlocks house. A multitude of photographs of Walworth in its younger days. There may be some rolls left.

Turn left into park. Take the right hand path across the park to Orb Street. Turn right into Orb Street, then almost immediately turn left into Dean's Buildings, walk down to the end and turn left into Flint Street and then right in Gatesby Street. The last pub is on the right.

6. The Victory, 32 Barlow Street SE17 [who knows?]

Beers: Courage Best, John Smiths

A totally genuine boozer offering darts, pool and a good juke-box. It is suggested that members may wish to linger here and amuse themselves until the evening - maybe longer, depending on the mood of the moment.

Survey team: Alan Turner, Mick Norman and John Carter

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