Hassrale Trips - Mile End Road

Date: Monday 29th January 1990

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This trip starts where the Whitechapel Road trip ended and continues down Mile End Road. The nearest station is Whitechapel Road on the District, Metropolitan and East London lines. The times in brackets are the approximate times of leaving each pub.

Come out of Whitechapel Road station and cross the road to the first pub.

1. London Hospital Tavern - 176 Whitechapel Road [18:30]

Beers: Burton, Tetleys

Cocktail high stool type bar. Prints on the ceiling.

Return across the road to the second pub.

2. Lord Rodney's Head - 285 Whitechapel Road [19:15]

Beers: Banks & Taylor Best, Shefford, SOS and SOD

Narrow locals pub with fish tank and wooden panelled ceiling. Named after Admiral George Brydges Rodney who captured the West Indies from France in 1762 and was the victor of the 'Moonlight Battle' off Cape St Vincent against the Spanish (1780). Rolls available.

Turn left out of the pub and walk along to the next pub.

3. Forty Five - 45 Mile End Road [20:00]

Beers: Burton, Tetley

Real name is the Three Crowns. Panelled one bar pub. The 'rough looking' customers were friendly and so were the bar staff. Rolls available.

Turn left and cross the road to the next pub.

4. Hayfield Tavern - 158 Mile End Road [20:30]

Did not go in this one on the trial run but may sell Charrington IPA.

Turn right out of the pub and cross the road to the next pub.

5. Three Crowns - 237 Mile End Road [21:15]

Beers: Charrington IPA

Two bar pub with unusual brick beam and Elizabethan style interior. Nice tiling inside front door depicting three monarchs. Plates of old East End on walls that reminded one of the survey team of her childhood.

Turn left out of the pub, cross the road and on the right just before the garage is the last pub.

6. Fountain - 438 Mile End Road [22:00]

Beers: Charrington IPA

Modern two bar pub with chandelier style lights in the saloon. Noisy and crowded.

Turn right out of the last pub and a short walk along Mile End Road is Mile End station on the Central and District lines.

Survey Date: Monday 27th December 1989

Survey Team: Ann Harper, Barbara Waby, Reg Wright

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