HASSRALE - Mitcham Trip
Tuesday 19th March 1991

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This much-postponed trip takes us to nearest Surrey, but for those who prefer to take travel in easy stages we shall be starting out at Tooting to facilitate travel. Tooting Broadway station on the Northern line is handy for the first pub. On emerging from the station cross diagonally (i.e. Tooting High St then Garratt Lane) towards Upper Tooting Rd to encounter ...
1. The Castle - 38 Tooting High Street []
Young's Bitter, Special and Winter Warmer.

A pleasant 3-bar with plenty of seating. Fairly busy public bar identifiable by being the only one with fruit machines. Visible from this is a quiet bar accessable from the side entrance and this is the recommended bar (the third bar may not be open until later). A useful watering hole in sight of the tube station. No sign of food, apart from crisps etc. From here retrace your steps back to the lights and turn left into Tooting Broadway. Keep on to the second bus stop and catch a 219 bus to Mitcham station. Members may wish to make their way straight there, but the route from London involves changing to a shuttle line so some poring over timetables will be required! Just back from the bus stop by the station is ...

2. The Crown - London Road []
Courage Best and Directors; John Smiths.

A convivial 2-bar pub with a compact public bar at the front, but to avoid the muzak proceed through to the large saloon bar which has a variety of seating. Even boasts an outdoor area with benches should the weather permit! From here turn right on leaving the pub and continue on the same side of the road for a couple of hundred yards until on the corner with Cricket Green is ...

3. The Burn Bullock - 315 London Road []
Ind Coope Burton, Taylor Walker and Tetley Bitters.

A sizeable pub with one large U-shaped bar. Again has a garden and also a drinking area out at the front. Comfortable with plenty of seats inside and unobtrusive music. Apparently a coaching inn in the 18th century, renamed in the 1920s after a local cricketer who happened to be the licensee too. Cricketing is a recurrent theme in this area as shown by the next pub reached by continuing down the London Road side of Cricket Green and crossing over (missing out the White Hart) and instead going to ...

4. The Cricketers - 340 London Road []
Young's Bitter, Special and Winter Warmer.

A large one-bar establishment with a good chance of seats for the massed hordes of HASSRALE attendees. Overlooks Cricket Green, but at this time of the year the only views of "the summer game" will be confined to the array of photos round the walls. Supposed to do food until 9pm so keep your fingers crossed. On leaving we have to negotiate crossing London Road again and almost opposite is a footpath (Cold Blows) leading through towards the common. At the end on the left should be ...

5. The Windmill - Commonside West []
Ind Coope Bitter and Burton.

Close to the fairground so can get quite busy in the summer. A fairly small one-bar pub that reminded me more of a nautical establishment with its marine-board walls and ceiling. Convivial and justly popular. From here turn left and follow Commonside West down to its junction with Upper Green East. Turn along this road and then go right into London Road again. On the left on the corner is ...

6. The Kings Arms - 268 London Road []
Young's Bitter, Special and Winter Warmer.

Traditional Young's house with 2 popular bars. There is no unpopular bar so we shall have to squeeze in. Described as basic in the SW London guide, but seemed no worse than the other pubs.
For those that fancy a change from Young's, apparently the Bucks Head almost opposite on Fair Green has been taken over by the Tap and Spile chain. Although not yet visited by our survey teams it should be worth investigating judging by the other pubs in the group. I leave it to HASSRALE members to juggle timings accordingly. This concludes the evening's entertainment (hopefully!) and various buses head back towards Streatham for the trains or to the tube system at Tooting.

The trip was based on 2 surveys one 9th May, the other October 1990, but all the notes were stolen along with my car so the jaunt should be a surprise to all of us! See you there.
John Wright

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