Hassrale Trips: Moorgate to Liverpool St

Date: Thursday 25th May 2000

This is yet another in our series of trips which end up at Liverpool Street station. This time we start at Moorgate Station, we had a couple of attempts at this trip so this is an amalgm of two seperate trial runs. Coming out of Moorgate Station onto Moorgate turn left and you should find the first pub.

1. Globe - 83 Moorgate [18:30]

Beers: Bass, Fullers London Pride

It looks recently refurbished, a fairly modern though very woody interior. Loud thumping music reflecting the fairly young clientele. Dim lighting and air conditioning which were to be appreciated on a hot and sultry day. Polished wooden floor and bar. Bar staff all appeared to wearing a waiter style uniform. Apparently there is a restaurant upstairs and a notice on the wall promised a pool table. The pictures on the wall looked like modern art but what do I know.

Leaving here turn left up Moorgate and only a short walk should take you to the next venue

2. Bishop of Norwich - Moorgate [19:15]

Beers: Daveys Old Wallop

A Daveys wine bar, similar to others of this ilk. The bar is actually downstairs and there is a stern warning about working clothes. The beer is served in pewter tankards, large orders are delivered in copper jugs. Again a very woody bar with the walls plastered with old notices in an attempt to give an appearance of age. Food prominent, I noted that peanuts etc are served by the bowl rather than by bag as normal. I expect that the beer is some well known brand rebadged for this chain. The bar was quite busy but we managed to get a seat.

Leaving here we go past the Globe, cross over the road at the lights and turn east into London Wall, we need to cross over to the south side of the road to find on a corner

3. Scottish Pound - 50 London Wall [20:15]

Beers: Green King Abbot

This pub was in a state of transition the upper bar had been changed into a fairly stylish modern looking bar, all glass and metalwork. The downstairs bar was reached by means of a circular metal staircase. Downstairs was dingier but more comfortable with plenty of seating. A notice stated that it was due be closed for refurbishment soon. I have no idea what it looks like but going by the upstairs bar it will be very modern.

Keep going down London Wall but cross back over the road and look for the turning on your left into Broad Street where a short step will take you to

4. Lord Aberconway - 73 Broad Street [21:00]

Beers: Pedigree, Tetleys

Large busy pub (opposite an oyster bar). There was a picture of a steam engine on the pub sign, I assume that the pub name is a reference to same. Large bar area with wooden floorboards very busy with Sky Sports showing on the TV. There was an upstairs gallery which was quieter and allows one to look down over the bar, managed to get a seat up here.

To the end of Broad Street and the the corner with Liverpool Street you will find

5. Railway Tavern - 15 Liverpool Street [21:45]

Beers: Flowers, Boddingtons, London Pride

Just by the exit from Liverpool St tube station with a good view of the back of Liverpool Street railway station. A single bar pub with loud music though again we had seats. Various signs promised pizzas were available though these may not have been on in the evening.

This is the end of a short trip so I would suggest finishing off in the Hamilton Hall which has featured on all of our Liverpool Street trips so I won't bother with the details again. When you have drunk your fill you are at the hub of an excellent transport system with trains, tubes and buses going in all directions.

Survey Details:

Present: John Wright, James Featherstone, Edmund Featherstone

Date: 7th September then 14th October 1999

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