Wednesday 23rd August 1995

Hassrale Logo This trip incorporates some of the venues from the excellent "farewell" trip concocted by one of our former London members (Gerry Dunne) just prior to relocation to Leeds and continues along by the river to a couple of haunts familiar to those who attend HASS(HQ)RA Sports Day i.e. by Barnes Bridge. The most direct route is by train from Waterloo to Mortlake Station. Train times are as follows, with arrival times in <>:- 17.02 <17.22>, 17.27 <17.44>, 17.32 <17.52>, 17.57 <18.14>. On arrival at Mortlake Station you need to be on the same side as the platform opposite so either exit to the right and turn left across the level crossing or cross over via the footbridge. Continue on left and seize the opportunity to cross over because on the other side you will find the first pub. Approximate leaving times are shown in [ ].

1. The Railway Tavern - 11 Sheen Lane [18.30]
Hall & Woodhouse Tanglefoot (5.1%), Reg's Tipple (5%), Hard Tackle (4.7%), Badger Best (4%); Guest beer which was Smiles Best.

Pleasant one-bar pub on two levels. Distinct railway theme. Comfortable bare-brick style with proper pews and old chairs and tables. The food bar is at the front (main road end) near all the doors marked "use next entrance" - the main entrance is off the car park on the left by the way. were you to leave by the front you would probably be run over anyway, the pavement is fairly narrow. Now cross over Sheen Lane to the park and cut across to the right until you meet up with the small road that leads into Lower Richmond Road. Cross over by the Jolly Milkman (beer not very wonderful!) to encounter ...

2. The Jolly Gardeners - 36 Lower Richmond Road [19.15]
Youngs Special, Bitter (Ordinary as was) and Dirty Dick's (don't ask!).

A two-bar establishment in traditional Young's style. The front (public) bar is not very deep and hence has limited seating around the edge. There is also a darts board. The lounge bar is off to the left and extends further back, however it is dominated by a pool table. In addition there is a garden area which is accessed via the lounge bar. Emerge from here and turn left along Ship Lane. This will take you down to the river and on the left is ...

3. The Ship Tavern - 10 Thames Bank [20.00]
Wadworth 6X; Websters Yorkshire Bitter.

Very pleasant pub overlooking the Thames. It has an extensive inside bar area with a large curved bar that seems rather gloomy due to the extensive use of dark wood. Windows on two sides provide views of the river at the front and also the large terraced external drinking area which is furnished with picnic-site style tables and benches. Likely to prove popular if the weather is still fine. On leaving head down towards the road by the river then turn right onto the tow path and continue along past the old brewery buildings. A little way further down we will come to ...

4. The White Hart - The Terrace (Barnes) [20.45]
Youngs Special, Bitter and Dirty Dicks.

The Terrace is the stretch of road after Mortlake High St. to which we have been walking parallel. Another popular pub overlooking the river. Inside there is a large island bar in what was originally a multi-bar area, but now this has been opened up all the way round. Plenty of seating inside, but in addition there is a small covered terrace along the river side and a fairly small patio area to the right, by the towpath. Rejoin the towpath and continue under Barnes bridge. This should now be familiar to those who meet up with us on Sports Day. Just beyond the junction with Barnes High Street is ...

5. The Bulls Head - 373 Lonsdale Road [21.30]
Youngs range.

Traditional haunt for the HASSRALE football team's post mortem. Three sided bar counter in the main bar with a sizeable room at the far side. It has live jazz in the music room at the back sometimes although we have usually moved on before this has started. Sports Day regulars will be able to do this route in their sleep (and frequently do, the day's events can be very exhausting!). Cross over by the mini-roundabout at the bottom of Barnes High St. then continue up on the right hand side to encounter ...

6. The Coach and Horses - 27 Barnes High Street [22.10]
Youngs again (but we are in the area).

Once again a pub that many of you will be familiar with, this has a cosy (smallish) bar at the front which is supposed to have a roaring log fire in the winter, but we've never been there then. There is a large courtyard at the back with a number of tables and alcoves amongst the shrubbery. Further down is a garden area too. Well that's it. I would recommend returning via Barnes Bridge Station to Waterloo. The station is just along The Terrace at the end of Barnes High St again. Trains are at 18 and 48 minutes past the hour with the last one at 22.18.

Survey details: Trial run Thursday 6th July 1995; participants - John Wright, Edmund Featherstone & others.

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