Hassrale Trips: New Barnet

Date: 13th January 1989

The first trip of 1989 takes us to North London, again, to New Barnet (not to be confused with High Barnet).

BR trains depart from Moorgate every 15 to 20 minutes or so between 5:00 and 6:00 pm, picking up at Finsbury Park about 11 minutes later, and the journey time overall is about 25 minutes. There is also a train from Kings's Cross at 5:16 pm.

Once through the ticket barrier at New Barnet turn right and down the steps. Turning left, down Approach Road, the first pub will be opposite you when you meet the main road. All succeeding pubs are easy to find.

Times in brackets are approximate departure times from each pub.

1. Rat and Parrot - 13 East Barnet Road [6:30]

Beers: Vaux free house, Vaux Samson, Rat & Parrot best bitter

Sadly the choice of beers is not as good as in other Vaux houses in London, and after a lively first opening a few years ago, it now seems a little neglected. Large pub with plenty of seating. No food.

2. Builders Arms - 3 Albert Road [7:15]

Beers: Greene King IPA, Abbot

Long established real ale haunt, that used to be two bars in what is now the saloon. The public bar came into being when the beer cellars were extended in the early 1980's. Friendly bar staff, not much seating indoors, in view of its size, but has a terrace if suitable. Limited food, only of the pizza type, no egg & chips.

3. Lord Kitchener - 49 East Barnet Road [8:00]

Beers: McMullens AK Mild, Country

Fairly recent convert to real ale, that has just achieved the accolade of an entry in the Good Beer Guide 1989. Two bars with a limited amount of seating. Friendly bar staff and landlord. Nice selection of food available (until 8:00 pm).

4. Railway Tavern - 3 East Barnet Road [8:45]

Beers: Charrington IPA

Quiet pub, again with two bars, although the saloon was evidently once two bars in view of the different floor coverings. Has an interesting tartan decor on both floor and windows. There used to be a fish tank on the piano, and there are still old Amplex and Anidin dispensers, though unfortunately empty.

5. Lytton Arms - 24 Lytton Road [9:30]

Beers: Websters Yorkshire, Ruddles Best & County

Side street pub that probably only the locals know about. One bar, a lot of seating, and a central drinking area. Friendly bar staff and landlord. May be sandwiches for those who are absolutely ravenous.

6. Duke of Lancaster - Lancaster Road (off Approach Rd) [10:15+]

Beers: Courage Best & Directors

Friendly, large two bar pub, at the foot of the stairs up to New Barnet station (did anyone try it on the way down?). Rather underused for its size so plenty of seating available. Billiards table, darts boards in both bars. Agricultural implements on the walls. (Some other comments were made but I forget them)

Now that you have had your fill you may wish to return to London in which case you will wish to know that trains run at 23 and 53 minutes past the hour, taking about 22 minutes to get to Kings Cross.

Survey Team: PT, DS, JW, RW, AH

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