Hassrale Trips:- Old Street

Date: Tuesday 20th June 1995

This is not an area that I can remember us doing before, in fact I don't think that I had been in any of the pubs before. Leaving Old St tube station take the underpass which leaves you on the north side of Old Street, then about 200 yards east take the turning into Pitfield St and go up till on your right you find:-

1. George & Vulture - 63 Pitfield St [18:30]

Beers:- Fullers London Pride, ESB, IPA

Small street corner two bar pub, public has a pool table, back bar slightly larger and more seats. Seating outside in Haberdasher St. Beer in good condition.

Turn right down Pitfield St till you come to Brunswick Place where you turn right and this will take you to-

You will pass George Wrights International bar on Pitfield St which only had John Smiths in poor condition however it did have a very extensive range of bottled foreign beer but we decided to give this a miss on the main trip

3. Prince Arthur - 49 Brunswick Place [19:00]

Beers: Shepherd Neame Masterbrew, Spitfire

Small single bar pub, dart board at the back, prints of horses on the wall. Seats outside. Feels very much like a local pub. Recently refurbished.

Keep on along Brunswick Place and at the end you will come to:-

3. Three Crowns - 8 East Road [19:30]

Beers:- Courage Best, Directors, John Smiths bitter, Wadworths 6X

Single bar pub, elevated section at back, plus a basement section (though no bar downstairs). Seats outside (where these notes were taken!). Mostly frequented by office workers.

Cross the two main roads immediately in front of the pub and turn left down to the Old St roundabout then right along Old St to the first junction.

4. Masque Haunt - Old Street [20:15]

Beers:- Theakstons best, XB, Youngers bitter, Courage Directors plus guest ale

Large single bar Wetherspoons pub. Recently opened, originally offices, plenty of windows so the environment is very spacious. Elaborate coffee machine. The bar is very long and shades into a food only seating are at the far side. Seems to be a fairly recent conversion to a pub as it is all in a very good condition. Fairly busy on visit.

Cross diagonally to the north side of Old St and walk as far as the bomb damaged church and then right, this road becomes Ironmonger Row, on the corner of Lever St is :-

5. Britannia - 94 Ironmonger Row [21:00]

Beers:- Fullers London Pride, Marstons Pedigree, Eastwood bitter

Single island bar pub, fairly quiet with a dart board at the back. Nice local pub feel. A very rare outlet for Eastwood beer (£1 on our visit).

Turn right along Lever St then left through Mora St, cross the City Road and find:-

6. Eagle Tavern - 2 Shepherdess Walk [21:45]

Beers:- Bass 1945, Abbot Ale, Charles Wells Eagle Ale, Bass

Two bar pub, crowded public bar with pool table and a larger saloon bar. Decorated with flags and various British style paraphenelia. Food served till late in the evening. Flavoured vodkas advertised over the bar. According to the plaque on the wall this pub is commemorated in the verse "Pop goes the weasel" (Up and down the City Road, In and out of the Eagle etc)

Keep on up Shepherdess Walk then turn left into Sturt St and at the end you will find:-

7. Wenlock Arms - 26 Wenlock Road [22:30]

Beers:- Tetleys plus guests - Royal Oak, Ansells mild, Brains SA, Holts bitter, Adnams Mayday

Single bar pub, fairly quiet, bit of a beer specialist pub. They had a Belgian wheat beer on tap. This pub has been described by Camra as a hidden gem (but they may be biased by the fact that the owners are Camra members)

You can walk back to City Road and down to Old St tube station or crossing Shepherdess Walk you can walk through to New North Rd for buses up to the Holloway Rd.

Trial date: 2nd May 1995, Present P.Tiffany, J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone

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