Hassrale Trips: Old St to Liverpool St

Date: Tuesday 27th March 2000



This trip has had two trial runs so far so it seemed like a good idea to issue it before the information got out of date again. We start at Old Street station [Northern Line plus mainline], this is under a large roundabout with many exits so make sure that you use exit 4 which will bring you out onto the east side of City Road. Head south down the City Road and a very short step from the exit you will find our first port of call.

1. Angel - 73 City Road [18:30]

Beers: Tetleys, Pedigree, Fullers London Pride

Old fashioned interior with lots of dark wood, faded carpets and heavy curtains. nice tching on the windows. Taylor Walkers signs outside plus hanging flower baskets and lamps. Number of pot plants inside. This wasn't too busy at 17:15 but got busy soon after. There are two seating areas but the one on the left is by the TV which is usually showing sport. The Pedigree was in good condition on both visits.

Leaving here head south down the City Road noting Burial Grounds across the road and John Wesley's House on your left. Keep an eye open for Epworth Street on your left. Turn down here and you will pass The Windmill. This had Pride on our first visit but the handpumps were unused on our second so we have to keep going. At the end of Epworth Street you will find Paul Street and directly opposite you is.

2. Fox - 28 Paul Street [19:15]

Beers: Courage Best

Single bar pub with island bar. Fairly busy on our visit, there were seats at the back of the pub but they were all occupied. There might have been seating upstairs but we didn't look. Bare floorboards and a fairly worn decor. Parts of the pub looked reasonably old though one can never tell. The ceiling had been painted red recently. The walls were covered in prints and the motif of the fox occured frequently, symbolic of something no doubt.

Leaving here we return along Epworth St and turn left down Tabernacle Street (by The Windmill) and head south till we rejoin the City Road. Looking across the City Road and a bit south we should then see all shiny and new.

3. Finches - City Road [20:00]

Beers: Youngs Bitter, Special

I haven't got an exact address because this is a very new pub (maybe about a year old?). I understand that Youngs are stressing the woman friendly nature of this chain and there were lots of women here on both occasions. In fact the bar was very busy on both visits and we ended up sitting outside which was quite pleasant. The interior is very stylish and modern with lots of pine, chrome, bright lightiing etc. Not very publ like but they keep their beer well so we can forgive a lot.

Cross over the City Road and turn left into Finsbury Square walk past imposing offices to the east side of the square then walk down Christopher St till it is crossed by Clifton Street and the next pub should be apparent.

4. White Hart - 24 Clifton Street [20:45]

Beers: Bass, London Pride

This was quite a small single bar pub with wooden floorboards. It looked like it had been extensively redecorated in the last few years. The large clear windows are a modern trend. On our September visit there were lots of seats and tables outside in the street. There was a TV switched on but it wasn't too obtrusive.

From here the path to the next pub is not obvious as the area has been radically transformed by the building of the Broad Street complex over the old British Rail station [but I suppose that it was 10 years ago]. The trick is to navigate oneself though all the strange office blocks towards Liverpool Street station, I have few words to offer in guidance apart from heading east and always remaining hopeful. If you arrive at the back of Liverpool Street station look for Liverpool Street itself which will lead you up to Bishopsgate where you will find on your right.

5. White Hart - 121 Bishopsgate [21:30]

Beers: Bass, London Pride

Large and busy pub small front onto Bishopsgate but quite a long interior. There is a bar called the Wine Vaults downstairs but it was noisy enough upstairs for me. We found some seats by the window but as we were under the screen for the projection TV I can only hope that we avoid football nights. We had a good view of workmen digging up Bishopsgate on our last visit.

Leaving here you could go home via Liverpool Street station or like us you could be diverted by the sight of the Great Eastern Hotel which now appears to be open again. This thought naturally leads to.

6. Hamilton Hall

Beers: Standard Wetherspoons

This pub was formed out of the Ballroom of the old Great Eastern Hotel and you can still get a feel for what it was like. The ceiling and walls are extravagantly decorated though is the blue and gold authentic or Wetherspoons? Always very busy, there is a large seating area over the bar reached by stairs. You normally end up standing though they do have lots of seating outside so that you can watch people hurrying into the station. The beer is usually OK, on our last vist the Summer Lightning was excellent (or maybe I was getting mellow?).

Trial Run:

Dates: 21st September 1999, 6th March 2000

Present: John Wright, James Featherstone, Edmund Featherstone

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