Hassrale Trips: Paddington

Date: 21st March 1990

This trip will take in pubs in the area known to many as the "Gateway to the West". This of course refers to Paddington station, former home of the Great Western Railway (or "God's Wonderful Railway"). The station bar was included in the London Termini trip last year and such was its magnificence that is not on the itinerary for this trip. Paddington station is well served by various tubes. The easiest way to the first pub is to take the side exit from platform 1. Times of leaving are in (-), as ever.

1. Queens's Railway Tavern - 15 Chilworth St. (6.30)

Beers: Burton, Tetleys, Youngs (ordinary and special)

The Tetley bitter was in fine fettle. The pub has obviously been renovated but fortunately, tastefully so. There is a profusion of varnished wood panelling and small secluded alcoves where one can vegetate without risk of disturbance. Interesting pictures and photos of steam locos adorn the walls. Have the Martians landed?

2. Archery Tavern - 4 Bathurst St. (7.15)

Beers: Adnams, Boddingtons, London Pride, Burton, Tetley, Wadworths 6X

Plush pub which was quite busy on the trial. There may be some seats in the back room. Good range of food which seemed slightly expensive.

3. Marquis of Clannicade - 36 Southwick St. (8.00)

Beers: Courage Best, Directors

Busy one bar pub. You can see from the outside...

4. Royal Standard - 9 Sale Place. (8.45)

Beers: Burton, Tetley, Youngs Special

Lively pub with coloured leaded windows and an abundance of shields and flags. I joust not! Food available. HASSRALE on the sofa?

5. Royal Exchange - 26 Sale Place. (9.15)

Beers: Wethereds, Brakspears

Pleasant local. Small one bar pub with a Victorian feel to it. Food seemed good value.

6. Grand Junction Arms - 28 Praed St. (10.00)

Beers: Yorkshire, Ruddles County

Triangular pub with 2 bars. Very busy with seating at a premium. Excellent pictures of GWR steam trains. A piano for Mick Norman? Toilets upstairs.

Well that's all folks. Paddington station is nearby and there are plenty of eating places locally.

TRIAL: 24 January 1990

Team: Geoff Wilson, Dave Saffery, Martin Williams, Paul Tiffany, Edmund Featherstone

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