Hassrale Trips: Poole & Winchester

Date: Saturday 16th April 1988

The next network saver day has been arranged for Saturday 16th April 1988 which means that we will be able to travel anywhere within the network zone for just a pound. This fare is for all network and gold network card holders who can take three adult passengers with them for the same price.

HASSRALE has decided to travel a bit further afield on the day and go to Poole at lunchtime and to stop off at Winchester on the way back for an evening session.

Trains to Poole leave Waterloo station at 32 minutes past the hour on Saturdays and the recommended train is the 9:32 arriving at Poole at 11:29. The times for transport back can be arranged down there.


A small town now joined to Bournemouth but considerably different particularly as far as pubs are concerned. A recommended list of pubs follows.

Places to eat

Virtually all the pubs do excellent food and a lot of them specialise in freshly caught seafood. For those who do not wish to mix drinking and eating there are a number of cafes and restaurants in the town which should be open in the afternoon. Opposite the Poole Pottery is a small open air sandwich bar and I can recommend the crab and prawn sandwiches. Cafes are also located in the Poole Pottery and in the Art Centre (both are mentioned later on).

Places to visit

i) Poole Potteries/Purbeck Potteries

Well worth a visit if only to the showrooms. (The Poole pottery also does tours round the pottery itself) A good place to while away the time if the weather is bad.

ii) Brownsea Island

Owned by the National Trust and a boat ride away. Worth a visit if the weather is good but does cost a bit. Bird sanctuary and red squirrel colony.

iii) Market

An indoor market is open on Saturday again if wet. Located quite near Guildhall Tavern.

Pubs in Poole

Virtually all pubs in Poole serve at least one real ale and it has been difficult to be selective. The eight pubs chosen give a wide variety of beers and are personally known to me.

On leaving the station proceed towards the large roundabout and past the bus station and shopping centre. On your left you should be able to see:-

1. Poole Arts Centre - Kingland Road

Beers: A wide selection usually on sale and should include the Poole Dolphin bitter, a local brew

A large arts centre which includes a theatre, concert hall, cinema and cafe as well as the bar. The bar is in fact upstairs alongside the concert hall. Very roomy but can get very full if there is a show on. Should be alright in the afternoon though.

On leaving the centre cross the road to the shopping centre and proceed through it to the High Street, turn right down Chapel Street into Dear Hay Lane where you will find:

2. Brewers Arms - Dear Hay Lane

Beers: Whitbreads range

Excellent two bar pub recently extended. Outdoor area and cooked food lunchtimes. Well worth a visit.

Continue down Dear Hay Lane across New Orchard Road and into Market Street to find just past the Guildhall:

3. Guildhall Tavern - Market Street

Beers: Devenish Wessex Beer

Nice pub cum restaurant that specialises in freshly caught sea food in a wide menu. Only tied Devenish pub in Poole. A nice pub in the old part of Poole.

4. Kings Head - Market Street (almost alongside the last)

Beers: Hall and Woodhouse Badger Best Bitter and possibly Tanglefoot

Similar to to the previous pub with a little more room also had wide range of food. (both pubs usually show their menu outside so you can take your choice) One bar and comfortable.

Continue down Market Street into Church Street (another old street) and into Thames Street, turn left and you are soon onto the quay with views of Brownsea Island and the docks. All the remaining pubs are either on the quay or just off it. I am not sure of the order so you will have to bear with me.

5. Lord Nelson - The Quay

Beers: Hall and Woodhouse Hector Bitter, Badger Best and Tanglefoot

Very popular quayside pub with regular live folk music. One bar but with seperate drinking areas. Will also do food lunchtimes.

6. Jolly Sailor - The Quay

Beers: Wadworth 6X plus a number of the Whitbread range (A number of Whitbread pubs may now sell 6X as there seems to be some agreement)

Nautical theme near to Poole Potteries. Cooked food lunchtimes only. Live music at times. Can get very full particularly if the weather is good.

7. Swan - Lagland Street (located on the corner of Old Orchard Street and Lagland Street just up from Poole Pottery)

Beers: Whitbread range

Comfortable two bar pub at the back of the Poole Pottery. Locals pub but still near the quay. Usually much quieter.

8. Hospitality Inne - The Quay

Beers: Courage Directors

Probably there will be insufficient time to get this one in unless people rush. Modern pub with upstairs bar with excellent views of Brownsea Island.

That completes the Poole part of the business. Because of the problems before on travelling I have suggested a train journey in the afternoon back to Winchester and a tour of the pubs there. I will bring a list of pubs but if anybody knows the area better could they help. I will hand out the list when we are all in Poole.

Those who are not holders of Gold Network or Network cards should make arrangements with somebody who is. If you find this difficult contact Malo Harvey or Dave Saffery on extension 3449 in Hannibal House.

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