HASSRALE Trips: Primrose Hill

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Date: Tuesday 8th February 2000

This trip involves a little walking but its good exercise and helps to walk off the drink. This is an interesting area but maybe a little pretentious still the beer was in good condition on our trial run so that forgives much. We start at Camden Town tube station and cross the road to walk down Parkway past all the fashionable shops and restaurants till we reach the turning on your left for Albert St where we will find:-

1. Spread Eagle - 141 Albert Street

Beers: Youngs Ordinary, Special, Winter Warmer

Brightly refurbished Youngs pub, plenty of seating scattered through a series of nooks and crannies. Plenty of internal decoration with pictures, mirrors, odd alcoves, wood panelling etc Not authentic but pleasant and relaxing early in the evening. It does get very busy later on.

Continue down Parkway till we come to a road junction, we need to cross the road and walk down Gloucester Avenue, then Regents Park Road till we find the turning on the right into Princess Road, a short walk up this road will take us to:-

2. Prince Albert - 11 Princess Road

Beers: Fullers Pride, Greene King IPA

Small single bar pub with central bar. Candles on every table provided much of the lighting. Wooden floorboards. Plenty of seating and little actual room to stand. Lots of large windows but filled with dimpled glass which achieves a degree of privacy. Predominantly young set but a scattering of older locals. Nice atmosphere with heavily muted background music. Entrance protected by heavy velvet curtains, useful no doubt in colder weather. Seats outside for the hardy.

Turn left off Princess Road into Chalcot Road and the first turning on your right will find you in Edis Street where hopefully we should see:-

3. Queens Tavern - 1 Edis Street

Beers: Courage Best

Single bar pub with long bar with a area at end warmed by a real gas fire. Gentle background music and not too busy. Pictures evoke a memory of 50's Americana. Friendly bar staff but a shortage of crisps variety. Scattered tables with vinyl tablecloths looking somewhat incongruous. TV on the wall but not switched on. Music low level lounge jazz with funky overtones.

Go to the end of Edis Street and turn left onto Gloucester Avenue and walk down to the junction with Princess Road where we will see (again):-

4. Engineer - 65 Gloucester Avenue

Beers: Fullers Pride, Old Speckled Hen

Single bar pub with attached restaurant. Stylishly gloomy with subdued lighting. Black tee shirts on the bar staff and something of a continental flavour to their manner. The selection of fruit behind the bar betokens an orientation towards cocktails. As with all the other pubs tonight the music wasn't very loud. Large candles adorned the few tables in the bar area. Facilities were located upstairs

Retrace our steps up Gloucester Avenue and keep your eyes peeled for Fitzroy Road on your left, turn down here till we find on our right the turning into Chalcot Road (or was it left?)

5. Princess of Wales - 22 Chalcot Road

Beers: Bombardier, Adnams, Fullers Pride

Single bar pub with island bar. Reasonably quiet with no detectable background music. Brightly lit with clear glass windows all round. A notice suggests that there is a cellar bar. As with most of the other pubs this eveniing there was a coffee machine behind the bar, not that I saw anyone drinking any such substance. Raised dais at one side where we actually sat. Customers seemed fairly down to earth and not too modish.

Backtracking again we return to Gloucester Avenue where the next pub should be abundantly evident:-

6. Landsdowne - 90 Gloucester Avenue

Beers: Woodeforde Wherry, Fullers Pride

Square room with ostentatiously unsquare people, young and trusting as some might say. Interesting flavours spice the air, possibly caused by the over bright kitchens visible at the back. Tempting displays of freshly baked bread and sea salt decorate the bar. Dark ceiling but white walls finished by wooden floorboards.

Now keep on down Gloucester Avenue till you reach Regents Park Road where we turn left and then cross over the road and eventually find our final destination:-

7. Queens - 49 Regents Park Road

Beers: Youngs Winter Warmer, Ordinary

Long narrow bar with a light airy feel the windows endowed the pub with someting of a liturgical spirit. More mixed clientele thann the last pub but still with the disposition to a younger set. Background music but not too loud. Tv showing sport. Noticed quite a few dogs in this pub.

Leaving here there is a chip shop for those who are hungry followed by a walk back along Regents Park Road, crossing the railway bridge you can take the short step down Bridge Approach to Chalk Farm station or the slightly longer (but more scenic) walk down Chalk Farm Road to Camden Town tube station.

Trial Details:

Date: 23rd November 1999

Present: E.Featherstone, J.Featherstone, M.Chambers