Hassrale Trips: Putney Bridge

Date: Tuesday 20th June 2000

This is the third trip in our meander down the District line. Hopefully the weather will be more inclement than on our trial run because this involves a walk across Putney Bridge which can be very pleasant on a warm summers evening but not so amusing when its windy and raining. We start at Putney Bridge station where you have the dilemma of whether to go right or left. In fact either way is equally good though its marginally quicker to turn left then right down Ranlagh Gardens then right again onto Fulham High St. The alternative route is right then left then left. Whichever is your chosen route I would hope that you would now be looking at our first pub.

1. Eight Bells - 89 Fulham High Street [18:15]

Beers: Courage Best, Directors

Large pub with central bar, carpeted floor and lots of wood panelling on the walls. Pew style seating dotted round the periphery. Old pictures, plates and clocks (well actually one working grandfather clock) decorate the walls but the overall impression is of a sparse interior. Front of pub has lots of glass but this is of the obscuring variety and not so offensive to my sensibilities. Plenty of seats outside so you can watch the predatory buses circling the block.

Leaving here you have a short walk up Fulham High Street note the interesting cannons in the front out what appears to be the barracks for a mortar company. As you approach the junction where New Kings Road turns into Putney Bridge approach you should have no difficulty in picking out the distinctive exterior of our next pub.

2. Pharoah and Firkin - 90 Fulham High Street [19:00]

Beers: Greene King IPA, Bass, Wadworths 6X

Very large pub converted from a temperance billiards hall (which I can remember going in over 20 years ago!). High vaulted ceiling gives the interior a barn like appearance. The downstairs is complemented by an upstairs mezzanine bar, though this wasn't actually open on our visit. Food very prominent, chalkboards proclaiming the specials of the day, menus everywhere and a brief glimpse of the chef in his checkered trousers, there were even a number of people eating. You can still see the sad remains of the former Firkin brewery. There was a large mummy in a alcove high above the main entrance. The whole pub was light and airy and fairly pleasant in spite of the persistent background music. Noted a table football machine in a fairly clean condition.

Leaving here we take a short walk further up Fulham High Street, we will need to cross the road so I would advise crossing at the first set of traffic lights.

3. Golden Lion - 57 Fulham High Street [19:45]

Beers: Bass, Worthington Best

Single bar pub which stretches quite a long way back making it much larger than might appear from the front. Friendly local type pub. Does food in the evening. The first part of the pub was quite cramped but the back section had plenty of tables and chairs. For some reason the back section was graced by boarding coloured light green half way up the wall. There was a large screen TV and Irish music on the juke box.

We now have a bit of a stroll, walk back to pub number 2 and turn right onto Putney Bridge approach. We now have to walk over the bridge and into Putney High Street.

4. Slug and Lettuce - 14 Putney High Street [20:30]

Beers: Courage Directors, Boddingtons

Large and noisy pub filled with young people, actually I'm exaggerating it wasn't too busy and we managed to get a seat at the back. The floor is wooden and polished and the lighting is dim. There was a good range of food available and much evidence of wine drinking. This used to be the White Lion which was a much better name than its current one but maybe it will revert one day.

Leaving here retrace your steps back towards the river and turn left down Lower Richmond Road avert your eyes so you can't see the sad travesty that the former Star and Garter has now become and push on till you reach.

5. Dukes Head - 8 Lower Richmond Road [21:15]

Beers: Youngs Bitter, Special

Large pub overlooking the river. Main bar is trendy, noisy and fairly busy. There is a quieter back bar which wasn't too busy. Lots of nice etched glass dotted around the pub. There was a TV in the back bar showing sport.

Again we retrace our steps, cross to the south side of the road and keep an eye out for the turning on your right into Waterman Street down which you should see

6. Putney Brick - 32 Waterman Street [22:00]

Beers: Adnams Bitter, Brains SA, Marstons Pedigree

Single bar pub but extends a fair bit back. The front part of the bar is bare floorboards but the is carpeting in the back area. There was a table football machine which was in noisy use on our visit. There was also background music but the beer was in good condition and it was a nice pub to finish the evening in. This used to be the Bricklayers Arms and I can't think why they bothered changing the name.

Leaving here a short walk will take you back to Putney High Street where you have a choice. You can go back over Putney Bridge to Putney Bridge tube station for the District line or you can walk up Putney High street to the railway station which would take you into Waterloo.

Survey Details:

Present: John Wright, James Featherstone, Edmund Featherstone

Date: 23rd May 2000

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