Hassrale Trips: Putney East

Date: Wednesday 28th June 2000

This is the fourth of our trips down the Wimbledon branch of the District line and takes us to East Putney station. This is slightly away from the centre of Putney. Coming out of the station turn left and head down the road crossing at the first convenient point. You will eventually find our first pub which is snuggling between a batch of wine bars and restaurants and isn't particularly obvious.

1. Prince of Wales - 138 Upper Richmond Road [18:15]

Beers: Theakstons Best

Large put with something of a worn appearance. Two fair sized bars and a games area at the back furnished with a pool table. Interesting skylights in the back bar. Fairly busy on our visit but still plenty of seating. Canned music and a TV going in the back bar but noise levels not too bad. Various chalkboards proclaimed food at what appeared to be reasonable prices but maybe this is only at lunchtime as I didn't see anyone eating.

Leaving this pub continue in the same direction but you will have to cross back over the road. After a short while you will come to a major junction where the Upper Richmond Road crosses Putney Hill/Putney High Street. On the north west corner of this junction you should see:

2. Railway - 202 Upper Richmond Road [19:00]

Beers: Theakstons Best, Courage Directors, Spitfire, Boddingtons, Archers Gold

A large and fairly typical Wetherspoons though not a bad example of the genre. The downstairs was divided into fairly discrete drinking areas with a large no smoking section for the eaters. While large people were fairly evenly scattered about. I would suspect that this can become busy later on. There was a model railway line with train suspended from the ceiling. The train was making regular circuits on our visit (obligatory joke here about lack of authenticity caused by regularity of service). Open metal staircase leading to the upstairs bar, there was also a more conventional staircase at the back (for access to the toilets). The upstairs bar continued the railway theme with lots of pictures on the wall plus odd memorabilia.

Leaving here we start to walk down Putney High Street and we should soon find on our left

3. Spotted Horse (Ye Olde) - 122 Putney High Street [19:45]

Beers: Youngs Bitter, Special

Large pub with central island bar. This pub is much bigger than its exterior suggests. It extends a long way back with plenty of seating (you will find how long it is when you use the toilets). Music on tap but still reasonably quiet. The front part of the bar has wooden floorboards which shade into carpets as you go further down the bar. Not very busy on our visit.

Keep going down Putney High Street till you reach the turning on your left for Lacy Street where a short walk will take you to

4. Coat and Badge - 8 Lacy Street [20:30]

Beers: Bass, Youngs Bitter

Single bar pub with a large seating area outside. A predominantly young and aspirational clientele (what can I mean by this?). Strong smell of food on the air, we sat next to some people who were eating and it looked very nice though probably expensive. The bar was very busy though this may have been caused by a rain shower which had driven everyone from the seating outside. The toilet doors were cunningly disguised as bookcases so look for the signs saying Masters and Maidens. A large mural depicts a rowing scene which no doubt has some connection with the pub name.

Go back to the High Street and a short distance further on you will come to the turning on the right for Putney Bridge Road. Cross over to the north side of the road and you will soon come to

5. Castle - 220 Putney Bridge Rd. [21:15]

Beers: Youngs Bitter, Special

Modern looking brick exterior and a fairly large and mostly empty interior. Plenty of seating. There was a TV showing sport but on the whole low ambient noise levels. The saloon bar is divided into two distinct areas according to the SWLPG but I can't remember this.

Leaving here we walked on to another pub along the Putney Bridge road but they had no real ale so I didn't take any notes. I would suggest walking as far as the turning for Oxford Road on the right, go along here to Upper Richmond Road and turn left to take you back to East Putney station.

Survey Details

Date: 10th May 2000

Present: John Wright, James Featherstone, Edmund Featherstone

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