Hassrale Trips:- Richmond II

Date: Wednesday 20th September 1995

I am calling this Richmond II on the grounds that it is the second visit to Richmond this year. It will be difficult to capture the essence of the trial run now that the hot weather is over but you can take my word that it was a real trial (at least for me!). To keep it easy we start in another pub very convenient for Richmond station, just cross the road and turn right for about 100 yards and you get to:-

1. Orange Tree - 45 Kew Road [18:30]

Beers:- Youngs Bitter, Special and Dirty Dicks

Large old fashioned pub, fairly dark interior decor. Number of seats outside. Were serving food at 18:10 on our visit, this impressed me as it was so hot I was unsure of my own ability to down a large cooked meal (but it didn't seem to be putting off these people). Number of rugby pictures on the wall, must be some connection? Even though it was a Youngs pub there was a high proportion of young (even antipodean) lager drinkers. I understand that there is a theatre upstairs but I never checked this out.

backtracking to the station we come to

2. Arkwright Wheel - Kew Road [19:15]

Beers:- Burton Ale, Marstons Pedigree & Cheshunt Ale, Adnams Bitter

Small single bar pub with a central island bar. Seats outside. Looked like an older pub which has been themed (industrial revolution?) relatively recently.

Go past the station, cross over the road and turn just past the new Tesco Metro into Church Court

3. Angel and Crown - 5 Church Court [20:00]

Beers:- Fullers London Pride, ESB

Single bar pub up an alleyway but well signposted from the main road. Seats outside with a fine view of a Tesco Metro. Note fish tank right by the entrance.

Cross back over the main road (which is George St) and look for Brewers Lane which is a small road off the main street which leads to Richmond Green.

4. The Brittania - 5 Brewers Lane [20:45]

Beers:- Fullers London Pride, Websters Yorkshire Bitter

Single bar pub, beer garden at back, this appeared to be at two levels

Back onto the main road and down to the end of George Street to find

5. The Old Ship - 3 King Street [21:30]

Beers:- Youngs Bitter, Special

Large pub with a pronounced nautical theme. Food was still being served on our visit at 21:30. Bad pun on the toilets - Bouys and Gulls!

Trial Run: 20th July 1995
Present: J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone

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