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The last trip that we did in this part of the world was in 1987 and very enjoyable it was too (assuming I can remember that far back !). It seemed like a good idea to renew our acquaintance with the area and see if much has changed. The intention had been to revisit the original pubs unfortunately the survey team were unable to find most of them so this is a somewhat different trip.

Starting at Sloane Square tube station turn right and right again onto Cliveden Place, a short walk will bring you to Eaton Terrace on your right, down about 100 yards and you find our first pub.

1. Duke of Wellington - 63 Eaton Terrace [18:30]
Whitbread Flowers, Wethereds, Green King Abbott

Pleasant one bar pub. Large U-shaped bar, fairly busy, mainly office workers on our visit. There was seating outside and still a fair amount of free seating inside. Walls festooned with pictures of the Duke (not John Wayne?). The beer was in good condition.

Going back up Eaton Terrace we cross Cliveden Place and arrive at West Eaton Place where we find:-

2. The Antelope - 22 Eaton Terrace [19:15]
Nicholson's bitter, Wadsworth 6X, Burton

A Nicholson's Inn and fairly representative of these sort of pubs, good range of beer, one main bar with various side rooms. Plenty of room but people were spaced out across them so little actual free seating. There is a food bar but not operational in the evening, again the beer was in good condition.

Coming left out of this pub we come onto Chesham St were we find:-

3. The Lowndes - 37 Chesham St [20:00]
Ruddles County & Best, Websters Yorkshire bitter

A fairly quiet pub of the main street with tables outside. Good sized bar not particularly busy with plenty of seating. There is a small attractive garden with tables at the back, unfortunately it was infested with black flies which insisted on drowning themselves in our beer (still its all good protein). I have to record that there was a tantalising smell of curry in the garden though I was unable to track its source.

4. The Star, 6 Belgrave Mews West [20:45]
Fullers ESB, London Pride, Chiswick bitter

We are back to one of our original pubs and it is still as difficult as ever to find, the trick is to remember to walk under the building (?) at the end of the mews. Very popular pub backing onto a number of embassies which is supposed to account for the embargo on drinking out in the mews area itself. Sizeable ground floor bar with adequate seating. There is another real ale bar upstairs which seems to major in food. This bar seemed especially favoured by the tourist element. The food actually looked and smelled quite good might be a good opportunity to get something to eat on this trip (there aren't any others).

At this point we became completely lost and in the end went into the next bar that we could find which was on the junction of Kinnerton St and Motcombe St.

5. Turks Head - 10 Motcombe St [21:30]
Bass, Charrington IPA

I deduce that the drink was starting to tell as we found this to be an enjoyable single bar pub wherein we discussed the meaning of mundane and Ann was asked for a cigarette (is this a custom in these parts). I think that the beer was still OK.

Leaving the Turks Head we were totally confused and could only make it as far as the other side of the road where we found:-

6. The Horse and Groom - 1 Kinnerton St [22:15]
Ruddles County & Best, Websters

A large pub on two (or 3?) levels, plenty of fruit and quiz machines and lots of seating. Probably not the sort of pub I would normally go in but by this time of evening who cares.

Going back down Motcomb St, then Cadogan Place takes us onto Sloane St where its a bit of a walk back to Sloane Square or a shorter walk to Knightsbridge Station. We had hoped to find another pub on our stroll back to Sloane Square but nothing appeared though there did seem to be some sort of bistros/bars in Sloane Sq itself (though I would doubt any real ale, but what has that got to do with the price of parsnips).

Survey details:
Date: Tuesday 6th August 1991
Team: Ann Harper, Reg Wright, John Wright, Edmund Featherstone

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