Hassrale Trips : SOHO I
Date : Wednesday 2nd April 1997
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Soho is not an area that Hassrale have visited for quite a few years so it seemed to be well worth a visit considering its central location. The only concern was that the beer would not be well kept and that the pubs would be too full of tourists. In fact the pubs are busy but otherwise the trial runs of the area turned out to be quite pleasant and can recommend each of the Soho trips. We start in a pub that has been visited a number of times before is well worth another look for its decor and beer quality.

Starting from Leicester Square you go to to NW corner, walk past the Swiss Centre and turn right up Wardour St and just past the turning for Lisle St you find :-

1. Falcon - 20 Wardour St {56} [18:15]
Youngs bitter, special

Nice old fashioned pub, note ceiling decoration, decorated windows, wooden floors, wooden falcons over the bar. This pub has a large fireplace and sometimes a real gas fire. Upstairs bar serves food. Youngs bitter £1.90, Special £2.00 a pint.

On up Wardour St, cross Shaftsbury Avenue, past the 1st turning on the left you see :-

2. Rat and Parrot - 77 Wardour St {55} [19:00]
Theakstons best & XB, Courage Directors

Very modern refurbishment, specializes in food but seems rather expensive, probably a tourist pub. The bar staff were going round asking if anybody wanted a drink, thisis a bit continental for London. Expensive beer but in reasonable condition. Parrots Cage bar upstairs.

Keep on up Wardour St and on your left find :-
3. Intrepid Fox - 99 Wardour St {63} [19:30]
Green King Abbott, Old Speckled Hen

Very much of a music based pub, video juke box, pictures of rock singers, long haired leather jacketed pins through nose clientele, but actually quite pleasant. Speckled Hen off and Abbott ran out as we were being served. Big sound system luckily not switched on.

Further on and on your left :-
4. The Ship - 116 Wardour St {78} [20:15]
Fullers ESB, Pride

Long narrow bar pub, fairly busy and noisy but we managed to get a seat at the back. Loud music and a green ceiling. Clientele looked quite young (or am I getting old?). Lots of etched glass and at the back there is a bit of stained glass.

Turn right down St Anne's Ct and left up Dean St
5. The Bath House - 96 Dean St {40} [20:45]
Wadworths 6X, Boddingtons, Adnams bitter, Youngs Special

Single bar pub, young clientele, loud music, TV was showing snooker on our visit. Wine bar upstairs.

Back down Dean St, left into Carlisle St through Soho Sq, right down Frith St and on corner of Bateman St:-
6. Dog and Duck - 18 Bateman St {52} [21:30]
Taylors Landlord, Tetleys

Small crowded Nicholson Inn, toilets downstairs and another bar upstairs. Lots of interesting mirrors, tiled walls. Brown ambience. Locals friendly, beer in good condition.

Right down Bateman St back to Dean St and on the corner :-
7. Crown and 2 Chairman - 32 Dean St {49} [22:15]
Pedigree, Old Speckled Hen, Tetleys

Large pub, another bar (and the toilets) upstairs, busy, full of young people, noisy. Fairly dim interior.

Survey Details :
Date - 29th January 1997
Present - J.Wright, J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone

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