Hassrale Trips: Village London - Soho

The Tom Roll Farewell Gathering

Date: Thursday 13th November 1986

Tom Roll finishes in London on the 14th of November and then returns to his old stamping ground in Newcastle. Tom has been a staunch supporter of and a hard worker, in several capacities, for HASSRALE since the beginning and I feel that this Village London trip provides an excellent opportunity for HASSRALE members and other colleagues to thank him for his efforts and wish him well. You might also buy him a farewell drink!

1. St James Tavern - 42 Great Windmill St [18:12]
Beers: Coombes

A circular pub with sawdust on the floor, loud music. Sometimes off-hand service. Good hot food is available. You shouldn't like this bar but it might grow on you.

2. Comptons of Soho - 53 Old Compton St [18:54]
Beers: Charrington IPA

The happy hour continues until 6:30. There is more loud noise and food is available. This flashy pub that used to be the Swiss Tavern should be a wine bar. It has interesting clothes in the roof and sells four pint jugs of beer for £3.72 - so get your groups together.

3. Carlisle Arms - 2 Bateman St [19:36]
Beers: Bass, Charrington


4. Crown and Two Chairmen - 31 Dean St [20:18]
Beers: Friary Meux, Burton, Taylor Walker

Snacks are available.

5. Ship Tavern - 116 Wardour St [21:00]
Beers: Fullers

Cloudy beer will be changed if you ask! Snacks are available.

6. Star and Garter - 62 Poland St [21:42]
Beers: Courage

7. Shakespeares Head - 29 Great Marlborough St [22:24]
Beers: Ruddles, Tiger

Ride your pony! I've no idea why that came to be written down!

Reg Wright: Secretary
3rd November 1986

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