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Date: Tuesday 20th May 1997

Soho part 3 is a pleasant stroll down the western edge of Soho

1. Clachan - 34 Kingly St {3-44} [18:15]
Timothy Taylors Landlord, Green King IPA, Charles Wells Eagle

Large gin palace style, etched glass, mahogany, decorated ceiling. A haunt of tourists. Beer in good condition. A Nicholsons Inn. A central island bar but two seperate drinking areas.

2. Blue Posts - 18 Kingly St {3-42} [19:00]
London Pride, Flowers IPA, Wadworths 6X

Small bar, fairly busy, wooden floorboards, decor looks original. Extra seating upstairs. Nice lamps over the bar. Green ceiling. People were playing board games.

3. Red Lion - 14 Kingly St {3-75} [19:45]
Sam Smiths OBB

Long narrow pub with a front and back bar. Wooden floorboards and darts being played in the back bar. Only £4.46 for 3 pints of OBB. Real gas fire. Entrance via a seperate corridor with doors into the bars. Interesting urinals worth a look. Upstairs lounge bar and food area.

4. Old Coffee House - 49 Beak St {3-71} [20:30]
Pedigree, Courage Best & Directors

Single bar pub, fairly busy. Lots of junk hanging from the ceiling. Animal heads on the walls. Orginally a Coffee Public House run by the Temperance movement

5. White Horse - 16 Newburgh St {3-84} [21:15]
Bass, London Pride

Busy two bar pub, no music. Appears to do food in the evening (from the evidence of the onion rings). A fairly young clientele, but a comfortable feel.

6. Star and Garter - 62 Poland St {3-80} [22:00]
London Pride, Courage Directors & Best

Single bar pub, very big on wood, wooden floor and ceiling. Watched large tractor racing on the TV. Old Style & Winch (of Maidstone) pub

7. Blue Post - 22 Berwick St {3-41}
Courage Directors, Websters Yorkshire bitter

Single bar pub, U-shaped bar, fairly busy, real gas fire. Small intimate very much a local.

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Trial Run:
Present: M.Chambers, J & E Featherstone
Date: 17th April 1997

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