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Date: Wednesday 28th May 1997

Part 4 of our Soho sojourn finds us again starting around Oxford Circus and ending up at Piccadilly Circus.

1. Fanfare & Firkin - 37 Great Marlborough St {3-53} [18:15]
Hornblower abv 5.0, Full Mash Mild 3.4, Dogbolter, Wind Ale 3.5, East India Co IPA, Fanfare

Large pub dating from 1886, used to be called the Dog & Trumpet (or even the HMV pub), still retains an old sign showing the couple. Seats outside and smaller drinking area at back. Typical Firkin beer and food. 20p for a box of matches, heinous!! Funny sort of triangular shape, wooden floor. Music late 70s early 80s

2. Shakespears Head - 9 Great Marlborough St {3-77} [19:00]
Directors abv 4.8 £2.23, Theakstons best abv 3.8 £2.10, John Smiths 3.6 £2.10

Music hard tecno style. Pub pseudo medieval, half timbered interior style, wooden floor, exposed brickwork, obviously aimed at tourists. Traditional drinking area upstairs but we didn't check this. Fairly noisy with a street band outside.

3. Sun & Thirteen Cantons - 21 Great Pulteney St {3-82} [19:30]

Very busy cafe style bar full of the young trendy media set, loud jukebox but even louder live band in the back drinking area. Band were playing fusion and acid jazz style. Note nice etched glasswork. Possibly only worth a half here as it is very busy.

4. Crown - 64 Brewer St {3-48} [20:15]
Bass, Fullers Pride

Small conventional pub with an L-shaped bar, music but not too intrusive, lovers reggae style. TV and darts board (not in use). Cosy rear drinking area. Toilets upstairs.

5. Glassblower - 42 Glassblower Street {3-58} [21:00]
Theakstons best & XB, Courage directors, Old Peculier

Small busy bar, lounge bar and ladies toilets upstairs, gents toliets downstairs. Large wooden beams. Large gas light in middle of bar but most lighting actually electric.

6. Leicester Arms - 44 Glasshouse St {3-67} [21:45]
Courage Directors, Theakstons XB, Bombardier

Clifton Inns, single bar, restaurant upstairs, clean wooden modern look. Juke box

7. Devonshire Arms - 17 Denman St {3-51}
Courage best & directors, Theakstons XB

Small single bar pub, rustic style (according to the beer guide), there claims to be a restaurant upstairs. Very close to Piccadilly Circus so a somewhat cosmopolitan mix of drinkers.

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Trial Run:
Present: J.Wright, M.Chambers, J & E Featherstone
Date: 29th April 1997

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