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Soho 5 - 4th June 1997

Each time I think that I have found all the pubs in Soho we seem to turn up a few more. Suprisingly we aren't even scraping the barrel yet, some of these are quite nice (if busy) pubs in their own right. Our trip starts right by Oxford Circus and ends up not far from Tottenham Court Road.

1. Argyll Arms - 18 Argyll Street {3-39} [18:15]

Tetleys, Batemans XB, Popes, Old Bailey, Eagle IPA, St Georges

Argyll Arms

A Nicholsons free house, two main bars, the front one divided by screens into several drinking areas, the back area appeared to be much larger. There is a corridor to the back bar screened from the front bar. Nice etched glass on the windows and screens, Bass mirrors behind the bar. Nice if expensive looking sandwiches. Obviously on the tourist trail and also picks up custom from the London Palladium over the road so quite busy. Small paved drinking area outside. All the beers sampled were in good condition.

2. Handsel Tavern - 5 Argyll Street {3-62} [18:45]

Wadworths 6X, Boddingtons

Handsel Tavern

Although only a short distance down the road curiously quieter than the last pub. Large pub, strong food orientation, there is a Beefeater restaurant downstairs. Noted tourists drinking coffee here. Raised area along left wall of pub sectioned off into discrete alcoves, more evidence of eating here. Usual fake bookcases.

3. Coach & Horses - 1 Great Marlborough St {3-45} [19:30]

Abbot Ale, Flowers IPA, Marstons Pedigree, Fullers London Pride

Coach & Horses

The name dates back to 1739 but the decor looks fairly recent. Small single bar friendly pub, fairly busy with more of a local clientele. A few seats outside but nobody was braving the cool evening. Plenty of nut and jelly bean dispensers scattered about, Beer in good condition.

4. Green Man - 57 Berwick St {3-61} [20:15]

Tetleys, Hancocks HB, London Pride

Green Man

Single bar pub with island bar, fairly large and quite busy. We are very close to Oxford St here so more evidence of tourists. Has been done up elaborately at some point, note the extravagant light fittings.

5. George - 1 D'Arblay Street {3-57} [21:00]

Tetleys, Marstons Pedigree


Another Nicholsons pub, small single bar pub, busy, young indie crowd (or so somebody tells me), 90's tape playing in the background. Wooden floorboards and plenty of original woodwork all round the pub, seemed a fairly dark decor to me. Apparently this pub dates from 1897.

6. King of Corsica - 39 Broadwick St {3-65} [21:30]

Bass, London Pride

King of Corsica

Large single bar pub, almost empty, loud Elvis Presely records being played on the juke box. Wooden floorboards and a darts board (in use) at the back of the pub. Something of a curiosity, Bass was undrinkable, but worth seeing, note square box-like exterior.

7. Nellie Deans - 89 Dean Street {3-70}

Courage Best & Directors

Nellie Deans

Small single bar pub, dimly lit, lots of pot plants scattered about, note neon light in the window (I don't know why). This was originally an ale house on the estate of the Duke of Portland, it was renamed in honour of Gertie Gitana.

Trial Details:
Present: M.Chambers, J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone
Date: 7th May 1997

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