Hassrale Trips: Southall

Date: Wednesday 29th November 1989

Southall is the last market town in the old county of Middlesex and is in fact the only one remaining in the whole Greater London area. With a large asian community. the shops and cafes reflect that and for those who happen to like Indian food the area is the cheapest in the whole of London.


Trains leave Paddington regularly and the journey takes about 18 minutes. Coming back they are every hour so you should check the times when you get to Southall. Travellers on the trains should beware because often the trains leave from some obscure and hard to find corner of Paddington station so you should leave yourself a bit of extra time.


On leaving the station turn left and proceed down to the first junction where you should turn left again into Merrick Road following that road until you reach Norwood Road which you should continue along until you reach the Grand Union Canal. Cross the canal and immediately on the other side you should find:-

1. LAMB - Norwood Road, Norwood Green [6.30 pm]
Beers: Courage Best and Directors.

Comments:- Whilst there was no beer on at the time of the trial they have promised to do better. One bar pub with a garden that stretches down to the bank of the canal. Once used by the bargees using the canal. The garden and pub seemed to have seen better times but a very friendy and pleasant pub. Beer is said to be very good when it is on. There are blown up seats in the Ladies loos (Don't ask me how I know).

On leaving this pub cross the road and turn left. Just down the road and slightly off it opposite what is left of the green is:-

2. WOLF (Spot the link) - 170 Norwood Road, Norwood Green [7.00 pm]
Beers: Taylor Walker Bitter, Tetleys, Youngs Ordinary (perm any two from three)

Comments:- Again had problems with the beer on the trial but should be alright on the night. A very nice two bar pub with garden containing antique mangles. Seats also outside in the front by the green. Giant Cricket Bat on the outside of the pub is a relic of the tine when the Wolf and the Lamb had their own cricket teams and played each other every year. If the beer has improved well worth while visiting

Now proceed back across the canal to the junction but this time stay on the Norwood Road until you come to Kings Street on your right which you should proceed down. On your right you will find:-

3. HAVELOCK ARMS - 59 Kings Street [7.40 pm]
Beers: Fullers ESB, London Pride (may also have Chiswick)

Comments:- Two bar family local with lots of seats and brasswork Has its own ships wheel although it does not seem to be going anywhere. No food. Very nice stained glass windows. Does do live music but seemingly only on Saturdays.

We continue on this road and this should lead us back past the station, Turn left as you come to the Railway (Now no real ale) and you should be on Beaconsfield Road. Continue down there and turn right into West End Road to find;-

4. BEACONSFIELD ARMS - 65 West End Road [8.20 pm]
Beers:- Adnams Broadside, Greene King Abbot and IPA, Brains SA (Beer range varies and is advertised on an illuminated board in the pub.)

Comments:- Public Bar is in fact the lounge and vice versa. Seems to have had a varied past having been a tied house for a number of breweries before becoming a free house. A strong Asian flavour in the music, clientelle and snacks if they have any on. Widest range of beers in the area and has a strong link with CAMRA (Bombay Branch I think). In the National Beer Guide and well worth seeking out.

Continue along West End Road to the Broadway, turn right and then cross the road. Three side streets on you shoulld find Northcote Avenue which will lead you to:-

5. NORTHCOTE ARMS - Northcote Avenue [9.00 pm]
Beers:- Fullers Range

Comments:- Large Edwardian two bar pub with function/ball room. Nice garden. Anonymous door leads to toilets. Heated foot rail in both bars. May do some snacks in Evening and has juke box. Excellent pub

Back to the main road , turn left, cross the road at the junction to find:-

6. THE THREE HORSESHOES - 21 High Street [9.40 pm]
Beers Courage Best and Directors.

Comments:- A large two bar pub. Busier than the others because of its central position but there still should be plenty of room. No food.

This concludes the trip and the station is nearby. For those who would like to sample a curry you can take your choice there are dozens,

Original map used on trip

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