HASSRALE TRIPS :- Central Stoke Newington

Date: Monday 6th June 1988

Hassrale Logo This trip starts on Fleet St then takes a bus to Stoke Newington High Rd. It is scheduled for a Monday night to avoid possible overcrowding on the buses.

Stoke Newington was until recently something of a beer desert, but the beer prospects have been rising in line with the area which has become a touch gentrified of recent years. It seems ironic that the demise of a working class area should improve the quality of the beer.

1. Punch Tavern, Fleet St, [5:55]
Beers - Boddingtons, Yorkshire bitter

This pub is a Nicholsons Inn which has been renovated in the last year. It is a large pub with what appears to be a nearly circular bar composed of a number of older bars run together. It is still divided in style between a more basic public area complete with dart board and a plusher lounge area with plenty of seating.

As this pub is in the city area it opens at 5:00, the departure time of 5:55 is timed to catch a 76 bus from Blackfriars Rd at around 6:00. One can then have a little snooze or see the scenic wonders of London from the top deck. The route will take one past St Pauls, The Bank of England, Moorgate and eventually to Dalston Rd. One should then keep ones eyes open for the Azizye Mosque on the left hand side of the road, getting off at the request stop outside. Looking north to see Rumours wine bar.

2. Rumours {or whatever it is called by the time we get there} 121 Stoke Newington Rd [7:00]
Beers - Youngers IPA, Sam Smiths, Bass

This is a large recently renovated pub, formerly called the Walford, as it is on the corner of Walford Rd. There are plenty of seats scattered over a wide area. It had a wide range of beers with a number of special offers when it was visited including Abbot Ale at 89p a pint.

A bit of a walk up the road past the rebuilding of Stoke Newington Police station and approximately two other pubs will take one to Marler's bar.

3. Marler's 178 Stoke Newington High St [7:45]
Beers - Boddingtons, Tolly Cobbold, Original

This pub is part of the J D Weatherspoon empire. It is reasonably large containing what appears to be church pew seating in a series of alcoves. This pub is said to be open at 5:00 and could form a start for those who would prefer to get here by train from Stoke Newington BR station.

Crossing the road and backtracking slightly brings us to the next pub.

4. Tanners Hall 143 Stoke Newington High St [8:30]
Beers - Wadworths 6X, Marstons Pedigree, Owd Roger, Abbot Ale

A very large pub, another J D Weatherspoon pub, probably the flagship of that organisation. Impressive high ceiling, place cluttered with pub style junk, mutiple open gas fires. There appears to be a conservatory at the back of the pub.

5. Prince of Wales 59 Kynaston Rd [9:15]
Beers - Charrington IPA, Bass

A nice quiet back street pub, dart board and a pool table upstairs. Note the green tiled exterior. Plently of room and commendably empty on a Monday night.

A short walk will bring us out onto Stoke Newington Church street where we turn right to come to.

6. Steptoes 102 Stoke Newington Church St [10:00]
Beers - Tetleys, Flowers Original, Wethereds, Everards Tiger, Castle Eden

Another large pub, claims to be a wine bar but most people appeared to be drinking beer. Pseudo Victorian decorations in what seemed to a Whitbread style.

Turning left from here one can return to Stoke Newington High St, passing at least two Indian restaurants. Those still thirsty can drop into-

7. Three Crowns 175 Stoke Newington High St [10:30]
Beers - Wethereds IPA

Another large pub, with a function room attached. Appeared to be a mainly Irish pub. This is the only pub that seemed to do food in the evening.

Crossing the road and turning left a few minutes walk up Stoke Newington High St will bring one to Stoke Newington station from where one can catch a train to Liverpool St. Alternatively one can catch the 149 or the 67 to Liverpool St.

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