HASSRALE TRIPS : South of the Strand

Thursday 18th November 1993
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This trip takes us from Charing Cross station to Temple station staying south of the Strand. This is intended to complement the North of the Strand trip undertaken a few years ago, though it has to be admitted that the pubs probably aren't as good. To reach the first pub from Charing Cross, turn left onto the Strand and and take the first left turn down Northumberland St.

1. Sherlock Holmes, 10 Northumberland St (map 66) [18:15]]
London Pride, Breakspears, Boddingtons, Flowers IPA

Pseudo Victoriana, plenty of food and tourists in sight. Was fairly crowded when trialled. There are a number of themed references to the great detective eg Mrs Hudsons pantry, Sherlock Holmes study and restaurant. Aparently the justification for all this is that this pub featured in one of the stories, till 1957 it was called the Northumberland Arms.

Leaving this pub we go down Craven Passage (past the former Ship and Shovel now sadly closed) under the Arches and into Villiers St.

2. Princess of Wales, 27 Villiers St (map 61) [18:45]
London Pride, Hancocks BB, Worthington Best, Bass

Refurbished recently, bare floor boards though the door says smart dress only (I suppose they don't want the local residents). Fair number of people on visit. Laser disc jukebox though the sound was turned down while we were there. This pub is actually named after Princess Alexandra rather than the more recent Princess of Wales.

A short walk up Villiers St takes us to

3. Griffin Tavern, 9 Villiers St (map 44) [19:15]
Youngers IPA, Scotch bitter, Theakstons best

Large rambling pub on a number of levels, can get very crowded and noisy but wasn't too bad on visit. Plenty of food in evidence. Had some trouble persuading the foreign bar staff to change some bad beer.

Turning into John Adam St

4. St Martins Tavern, 28 John Adam St (map 64) [19:45]
Flowers IPA, Boddingtons

Upstairs this is a Beefeater restaurant, the main bar is below street level. Fairly quiet on visit which was a relief after the preceding pubs. Lots of seats.

A short distance up the street turn left into George Court to find

5. George, 2 George Court (map 38) [20:15]
Bass, London Pride, Worthington best

Small pub, very busy at lunchtime though quiet in the evening, there is a wine bar upstairs. Reputed to be the birthplace of Hassrale.

We now have a bit of a walk, to the end of John Adam St, left and then right onto the Strand then down to the turning on your right for Savoy St.

6. New Savoy Tavern, 2 Savoy St (map 57) [20:45]
Youngers IPA, Theakstons best

Small pub, food in the evening till 8:00. Apparently there is an upstairs lounge though I couldn't see it.

Moving on past the Aldwych look for the turning on your right in Milford Lane, down here and left into Little Essex St

7. Cheshire Cheese, 5 Little Essex St (map 27) [21:30]
Courage best & Directors

Wood panelled bar, claims to be older than the other pub of this name on Fleet St. This pub shuts at 21:30 so we might have to go onto another pub to finish.

8. Edgar Wallace, 40 Essex St (map 33) [22:00]
Boddingtons, Breakspears

Popular pub always well frequented by the legal profession, contains a fair amount of Edgar Wallace memorabilia.
Strand area map
Trial:13th September 1993
Present:J.Wright, E.Featherstone

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