Hassrale Trips: Surbiton

Date: Tuesday 31st January 1989

The 'Good Life' area is one that has not been visited by Hassrale recently so armed with 'untold wadge' our intrepid team set off for south-west London. Surbiton is served by trains from Waterloo station. There is a frequent service at peak hours and the journey time is 15 minutes.

Leaving times are in [] after the pub names.

On leaving the station turn right up St Marks Hill until you reach the traffic lights. On one corner is:

1. Railway Tavern - 1 Ewell Road [18:15]

Beers: Brakespears's (Best and Special), Badger, IPA, Gale's HSB, King and Barnes (Old Ale and Festive)

Food: Food is available until 19:00. The menu is reasonably priced if somewhat limited. The chilli jacket potato is definitely recommended. This is the best pub to eat in on this trip.

This pub has been modernised but probably just about gets away with it. Beware the back room - Children!!!

On leaving this pub by the main entrance turn right down Surbiton Hill Road for a 5 minute walk to:

2. Waggon and Horses - 1 Surbiton Hill Road [19:00]

Beers: Youngs (Best and Special)

Food: A limited amount of cold food (rolls and ploughmans) was available.

A big attractive pub with wood panelling in the interior and plenty of seating (Hassrale swamping tactics not required here!). There is a balcony at the rear of the pub from where you can admire the deckchairs on the ceiling.

Take the road opposite (Maple Road) and after a few minutes walk on your right should be:

3. The Oak - 9 Grove Road [19:35]

Beers: IPA, Bass

Food: None apparent.

Described in the beer guide as being 'reminiscent of officers mess in India'. Well as we had never knowingly seen an officers mess this was something we could not pass judgement on. It does look as though it may have been modernised at some stage (probably 30 years ago) but they have tastefully retained the bare floorboards in the back room. Like the food, other customers were 'none apparent'. How will they cope with the Hassrale hordes?

Walk further down the road and on the same side is:

4. The Antelope - 87 Maple Road [20:15]

Beers: Flowers and Wethered

Food: None seen.

Homely one bar pub which has been attractively decorated and furnished. Mind the lanterns! Two questions - why are there red lights in the window and are the beams original? If you get the answers right treat yourself, and the team if you wish, to another drink.

Walk down to the bottom of Maple road and turn right at the traffic lights. On the opposite side of the road (assuming you have not crossed over) is:

5. The Lamb - 73 Brighton Road [21:00]

Beers: Friary Meux and Burton (No Taylor Walker despite the signs outside and the ashtrays!)

Food: None discovered.

A small lively pub with a piano for the musically inclined members although there was a large proportion of darts players amongst the customers it will probably be impossible to get a game. Hassrale swamping tactics required to get seats.

Back to the traffic lights and on one corner is:

6. Black Lion - 58 Brighton Road [21:40]

Beers: Youngs (Best and Special) - the verdict of the jury was that the special was decidedly dodgy

Food: None sought or seen.

A long saloon bar with plenty of seating. The landlord, who is very friendly, is a member of the Society of Licenced Victuallers (see the certificate on the wall). Spot the black lions in the bar and enjoy the selection of Lowrys.

Head down the Brighton Road and turn left into Victoria Road (follow signs for the station). On the left you will come across:

7. Victoria - 28 Victoria Road

Beers: Youngs (Best, Special and Winter Warmer)

Food: We will arrive too late unfortunately. There are various eating places on Victoria Road.

Quite simply the best pub on the trip and not one to be missed at any cost. A comfortable, spacious Youngs pub where one can admire the tropical fish whilst partaking of the odd beverage.

Well thats all folks! The station is only a couple of minutes walk away, further up Victoria Road on the right. Even at this time of night trains to Waterloo are very frequent.

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