Hassrale Trips: Twickenham

Date: Tuesday 28th August 1990

Twickenham is another part of suburbia on the banks of the river Thames. It is probably most famous as the home of Rugy Union in Engeland but its history goes back long before then. It overlooks Eel Pie Island so named by Henry the Eighth when he called in there for a meal when out hunting. The pubs seem mainly to do the Grand Metropolitan range of beers but with some interesting guests.

Travel Arrangements

Trains to Twickenham leave Waterloo and travel via Richmond. they are quite frequent in the rush hour and then settle down to two fast trains at 13 and 43 minutes past the hour and two slow at 15 and 25 minutes past the hour. Trains back are at 26 and 56 (slow) and 12 and 56 (fast). There are variations so it is best to check at the station.

The Pubs

(the indication () gives the approximate times of leaving)

On leaving the station turn left and continue down the London Road into King Street bearing to the left across the road and into Church Street. Go past the Fox (one of the failures on the trial) to find on your left:-

1. Eel Pie, 9 Church St (18.30)

Beers: Adnams Mild, Badger Best, Tanglefoot, Wadworths 6X, Gales HSB, Everards Tiger

Comments: Good free house and probably the only one in the area. Range of beer varies. Nice quiet pub with plenty of seating. Does get very full later on but that shouldn't affect us. Beer of excellent quality usually. has a dispensing machine for cigarette lighters.

Continue down Church Street for a little way and turn right into Church Lane towards the river. Turn tight along the river towpath to find:-

2. Barmy Arms, The Embankment (19.15)

Beers: Ruddles Best, County, Websters Yorkshire Bitter

Comments: Overlooking the river with large outside drinking area with plastic glasses for the outside only. Has a restaurant but may not be open. From here you can see all the silly sods trying to row. Something resembling orange juice in the toilets.

Continue back the way you came but continue into Riverside that follows the river to:-

3. White Swan, Riverside (20.00)

Beers: Websters Yorkshire Bitter, Ruddles Best, Palmers Best

Comments: An excellent little pub next to the river. Outside drinking area is even nearer as it is across the road. Very friendly. Does have a very large table that will seat all the vast army of HASSRALE members on the trip. Does food in the evening. Toilets are downstairs. Palmers beer is, I am told a permanent guest beer.

On leaving the pub turn right and find immediately on our right an alleyway to the right. Proceed up there to the end and turn right to find:-

4. Old Anchor, 71 Richmond Road (20.45)

Beers: Youngs Special, Bitter

Comments: One bar pub with garden and alsatian. Food only at lunchtimes.

We now start the trek back to the station. Turn right out of the pub and continue down the Richmond Road until it joins York Street and eventually the London Road. Turn right and find on your right:-

5. Rugby Tavern (21.30)

Beers: Courage Directors, Best, John Smiths Magnet

In spite of its name and its location underneath an office block a nice pub which is usually reasonably quiet and with plenty of seating. Certainly a revelation to me as I have passed it many times and not liked the look of it. Certainly a bonus of having Magnet on which is not often seen in London and was excellent on the trial. Also seems to do reasonably priced food in the evening.

We are now very near the station so some may find it handy to terminate the trip here. however there is one more pub that we could go to. Cross the road and turn down Railway Approach into Station Yard to find:-

6. Albany, Station Yard (22.15+)

Beers: Bass, IPA, Fullers ESB (Winters only)

Comments: A large open plan pub with a loud juke box. On the trial it did supply us with free food which, according to the landlord is a usual occurence. There are definitely no darts boards so do not ask.

That completes the adventure. The way back to the station is up a flight of stairs which leads you to almost opposite the station entrance. Have a safe journey home.

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