The Town

Wendover is probably our first jaunt into the county of Buckinghamshire. This is a small town nestling below the highest edge of the Chilterns and surrounded by woodland and canal walks. A charming little town with a few tourists (such as us) scattered around. It does have it's own tourist information office which does not seem to open on Saturdays. Although there is a little bit of walking to get to the pubs most of the nucleus are in the centre of town.

The Transport

Trains to Wendover leave Marylebone station at 10 minutes past every hour and the journey takes 52 minutes. (Beware not all trains to Aylesbury go via Wendover and you need via Amersham and not via High Wycombe) I would recommend the 1010 train. Trains coming back to London leave at 10 minutes to the hour and the last train is 22:50.

Pubs () indicate approximate time of leaving the pubs.

On leaving the station look for a path almost immediately opposite and over the car park. Proceed down there to the road and turn right. We meet the High Street at a crossroads so proceed straight across and into South Street to find:-

1. King And Queen, South Street. Beers Benskins Bitter.

Comments: 16th Century pub with open fires. There are two bars and an outside drinking area. It is supposed to do snacks only at lunchtime. I do not know what opening hours it has. (12:00)

Retrace your steps to the High Street, cross over and turn right to:

2. White Swan, 18 High Street, Beers ABC Bitter, Bass.

Comments: Formerly two pubs now knocked into one with two bars and a number of eating rooms. For those who are not aware ABC Bitter is a rather tasty although weak beer from the Allied stable. It was formerly brewed in Aylesbury but now like all their other beers from Burton. There will be food available and we will probably return in the evening. Does not remain open in the afternoon (13:00)

Continue down the High Street and past the tourist information centre and continue into Tring Road (we pass two hostelries on the way but the reason for this becomes clear later) On the left along the Tring Road we will see:

3. Packhorse, Tring Road. Beers ABC Bitter

Comments: A real locals pub with just one bar and possibly some snacks. Very friendly staff and clientele. Closes again at 3 PM. (14:00)

Continue up the Tring Road passing once again another pub (confusing ain't it). On our right and on a road fork we should find:

4. Rose and Crown, Tring Road, Beers: Benskins Bitter

Comments: Victorian pub with a public bar and a garden. Popular with young people (like us). For some strange reason stays open a further half an hour until 3.30pm. Does food lunchtimes and evenings. (15:00)

We now retrace our footsteps to the pub we just passed where the reason becomes clear and for the rest of the afternoon session:

5. Rising Sun, Tring Road. Beers: ABC Bitter

Comments: One bar pub which is quite small and busy. It does have a garden if the weather will allow. The pub can get a bit noisy but it does have a good juke box (10p a go) but may also have the television on if there is racing. There is also a dartboard. The first pub on the trip to open all afternoon (16:00)

Continue down the road and turn right into the Aylesbury road to find almost immediately on your right:

6. George, Aylesbury Road. Beers ABC Bitter

Comments: A large rather open plan pub with lots of gaming machines and pool tables etc. Whilst the pub is seemingly aimed at the young seemed pretty empty at the time of the trial. Has a CD jukebox but with some good records on. Again remains open all day. (17:00)

We now move back into the High Street and find on our left the last pub of the trip. Whilst left to the last this one is, in my humble opinion the best and will form a base for the rest of the day:

7. Red Lion, High Street, Beers: Marstons Pedigree, Greene King Abbot, Morlands Bitter, Fullers London Pride (range may vary)

Comments: Large former coaching inn with two bars and other rooms off. Plush and comfortable looking hotel but friendly for all that. Seems to be doing food at all times but those who are still hungry will have to negotiate. Is open all day and a good place to linger if the weather is bad (18:30)

This concludes all the pubs bar one, which I will not mention. As you can see there are a number of pubs that remain open all day so you can wander about. There are also a couple of teahouses in the centre if coffee etc is needed. I would propose we start the evening session in:

8. White Swan, Address and beers as before.

Comments: As before but serves food in the bar from 19:00. There was a good selection with starters and sweets. You will need to get in very quickly because it fills up very quickly. I have put no time on leaving as some may wish to revisit one of the other pubs.

The trip was trialled by Martin Williams, Chris Smart and Dave Saffery.

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