Hassrale Trips: Whitechapel Road

Date: Wednesday 3rd January 1990

This trip starts at Aldgate and continues as a gentle stroll down Whitechapel High St and Whitechapel Road. Whitechapel grew from Norman times, catering for the needs of travellers and accomodating the trades which were excluded from the city because of the danger, noise and smell.

The nearest stations are Aldgate on the Circle line and Aldgate East on the District and Metropolitan lines. Bus No 40 also stops across the road from the first pub. The times in brackets are the approximate times of leaving each pub

Come out of Aldgate station, cross the road and go through the arch and the first pub is on the left

1. Still & Star - 1 Little Somerset St. [18:15]

Beers:- Charrington IPA

Busy one bar pub full of city gents. The beer is expensive. Probably the only pub in the country so named. It may derive from the combination of distillation apparatus (still) and the symbol of the early licencees association (star).

Turn left out of the pub and the next pub is on the left

2. Duke of Somerset - 14 Little Somerset St [19:00]

Beers: Charrington IPA, Bass

Busy modern on bar pub named after a former Duke of Somerset who used to own property in the area. Outside drinking area. Food available

Turn left out of the pub, then right into Mansell St, cross at the crossing and then turn left into Alie St. The next pub is on the left

3. White Swan - 21 Alie Street [19:30]

Beers:- Shepherd Neame Best, Master Brew

Grade 2 listed building recently renovated and re-opened opposite the oldest Indian restaurant in London. Busy pub filled with city types. Unlikely to be any seats

Turn left out of the pub, then left into Leman Street, cross at the zebra crossing, go into the subway and follow the signs for exit 19

4. Seven Stars - 112 Whitechapel High St. [20:15]

Beers:- Taylors Walker, Burton Ale

Modern, spacious one bar pub with a wonderful barman. He certainly played the cockney wag to perfection. good jukebox. Pies available.

Warning closes at 8:00pm if there is not enough custom.

cross Commercial St. to the next pub

5. White Hart - 89 Whitechapel High St. [21:00]

Beers:- Taylor Walker, Burton, Youngs Bitter

Comfortable one bar pub with partly divided bar and full of young people and dreadful piped music. Food available.

Turn left and walk to nearly the other end of the Whitechapel Road. The next pub is on the left.

6. Old Red Lion - 217 Whitechapel Road [21:45]

Beers:- Youngs Bitter, Special, ESB

Two bar basic Irish pub left to run down in the last few years. The public was full of locals watching TV in darkness. The Ladies and Gents are not recommended. However the beer was good and there were plenty of seats

The last pub is a few yards away on the left

7. Grave Maurice - 269 Whitechapel Road [22:30]

Beers:- Trumans Best, Websters

Smart one bar pub named after Count Maurice of Nassau, prominent soldier of late 16th and early 17th centuries. Good choice of food at reasonable prices.

A few yards along is Whitechapel station on the District, Metropolitan and East London lines.

Survey Details:- Team: Edmund Featherstone, Ann Harper, Campbell Robb, Barbara Waby, John Wright, Reg Wright. Date: Tuesday 19th September 1989

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