Winchmore Hill Trip - Tuesday 14th January 1992
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Those of you who went on the two Enfield trips may recall that there were a good selection of brews available. This trip is in a similar part of the world and upholds the tradition of beer variety. Trains are frequent for Hertford North and run from Moorgate or Finsbury Park (both accessible by tube). N.B. Don't catch a train with Enfield Chase as first stop, that's too far on.


Exit from the station, turn right and follow the road round then cross over Wade Hill at its junction with Wilson Street to find ...

1. The Kings Head - Winchmore Hill Green [18.30] (Denotes leaving time)
Ruddles County, Best; Webster's Yorkshire Bitter.

Large one-bar pub with a large dining area (food lunchtimes only I fear) and plenty of seating otherwise . Hardly busy so sit where you like! There is also an overflow room comprising a television lounge with large screen TV and a 3 piece suite. Traditional exterior, the usual Grand Met. interior - comfortable, but slightly characterless; needs plenty of HASSRALE attendees to impose their mark on the establishment. Patio garden (weather permitting) also note the Kings Chair for the more expansive/extrovert amongst us (Mr King?).
From here cross Wade Hill again then turn right across the green. Follow down across the other part of the green to Hopper's Rd (there is a quicker route, but more hazardous!) A little further down cross back to find ...

2. The Salisbury Arms - Hoppers Road [19.15]
Charrington IPA, Bass.

Convivial one-bar pub which has seating reminiscent of the Days of the Raj (or the Teddy Bear's Picnic depending on your memory). Very capacious and rather more subdued lighting than the previous hostelry. For the esurient there is a restaurant area boasting 3 course meals plus roll and butter "all for £8.95" perhaps too time-consuming? Comfortable establishment, well worth a visit. On leaving cross over and turn down Compton Road. At the end turn left into Green Lanes and further up on the left is ...

3. The Half Moon - 749 Green Lanes [20.15]
Greene King Abbott, IPA; Theakstons XB; Marstons Pedigree; Youngers IPA.

Pleasant, recent acquisition by the J D Weatherspoon group. As usual on new pub premises (i.e. not previously licensed). Long bar area, plenty of seating and not at all busy. No music or juke-box as is the Weatherspoon tradition (sorry Reg!). Food available until 10 pm. A good range of fare, all reasonably priced and the best opportunity to eat. We now double back slightly on our route, so exit stage right back down Green Lanes cross over and take the next turning on the left to ...

4. The Orange Tree - 15 Highfield Road [21.00]
Ind Coope Burton (or is it Taylor Walker?).

Somewhat off the "Burton track"; from the main road there appears to be no thoroughfare, however avoiding the barriers a footpath takes us to the pub. It certainly is fairly isolated which may account for the lack of clientele (on the trial anyway). Originally a two-bar pub, one set of doors is now blocked off to make the interior into a single area. May get busy later unless it's closed down! On leaving retrace your steps to the main road then turn right continue past pub no. 3 up to the junction with Moor Lane. On the corner is ...

5. The Green Dragon - 899 Green Lanes [21.45]
Courage Directors, Best; Everard Tiger (guest beer).

Very impressive 1930s built establishment. Comprises a sizeable two-bar with a large L-shaped lounge/saloon area. A fair amount of seating with a fair number of people occupying it! Busy and popular, justifiably so. Turn right down to Shrubbery Gardens then follow this along until it becomes Ringwood Road then continue to the junction with the main road. Turn right towards the station and across the road is ...

6. The Queens Head - 41 Station Road [22.30]
Ruddles County, Best; Websters Yorkshire Bitter.

The queen referred to is Victoria judging by the Penny Black stamp on the pub sign. Comfortable lounge bar that can become fairly busy later, but a number of seats etc. Do help out with the quiz. Handy for the station (just across the road). Return trains are at 28 and 58 minutes past the hour, taking approx. 17 minutes. Note that trains run to Kings Cross later on not Moorgate.


Trial date: Tuesday 12th November 1991

Trial team: Paul Tiffany, Campbell Robb and John Wright.

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