Hassrale Trips: Winchester

Date: Saturday 25th November 1989

A visit to the enchanting old capital of England, Winchester, is something to be savoured. It is still the focal point of Hampshire however, if not England, and there are many delights, including pubs, to attract the visitor. The College and magnificent Cathedral are well known but perhaps less so is the Round Table of King Arthur, presumably a MFI job. On reflection perhaps this is not the case as it has been in one piece for more than 6 months. Enough of this preamble and down to the serious business.

The best train from Waterloo appears to be the 9.45 which arrives in Winchester at 10.47. The first pub is a short walk away. Times of leaving have lost their [] (but I have replaced them!).

1. The Albion - Corner of Stockbridge & Andover Road. [11.30]
Beers: Gales HSB, Yorkshire Bitter.

Small one bar pub, close to station.

On leaving the pub cross over to City road, if you can, and follow that road into North Walls. On the right you will find:

2. Foresters Inn - 71 North Walls [12.15]
Beers: Marston Mercian Mild, Best

Cosy one bar local. Good jukebox. Cheap rolls and friendly landlord (or vice versa). Try the mild - cheap in price but high in quality.

Turn down Parchment St. Go right to the end and turn right into St. George's Street, cross over the road and then left into Royal Oak Passage where, still standing after several hundred years, is:

3. The Royal Oak - Royal Oak Passage. [13.15]
Beers: Wadworth 6X, Flowers, Strong County Bitter.

Reputed to have the oldest bar in England (Ye Gods, not another one !). Plenty of room which needs seeking out. Excellent meals if slightly on the pricey side. Superb toilets which aren't the oldest in England.

Turn right out of the pub, down to the High St. and turn left where, on the left, you will find:

4. The India Arms - High St. [14.00]
Beers: Ruddles Best, County and Websters.

One bar pub where it may prove difficult to find a seat unless you are willing to suffer ...... Food is served 12-2.00 and there seemed to be a fair selection at a reasonable price. Has a quiz machine.

Cross the road and staring you in the face will be:

5. The Abbey Bar - Guildhall Broadway [14.30]
Beers: Morland Premium, Marston Pedigree and HSB.

Plush, sedate small bar in the Guildhall. Its worth a visit because it is different. Most of the food is upmarket and expensive although there was a carvery for £4.25. The toilets are highly recommended. Don't miss them if you can find them!

6.The Mash Tun - Eastgate St. [15.15]
Beers: Ruddles Best, Websters.

Looks like a nice local from the outside. Once you enter the illusion is shattered. This pub will provide an injection of something which is not to be sniffed at. Enough said. Very busy, popular with students. Spartan decor.

Once you have recovered from this pub, retrace your knee prints. Go back along Eastgate and turn left into Bridge St. where, if its not moved, will be:

7. The Cricketers - Bridge St. [16.15]
Beers: Courage Best and Directors.

Attractive pub with no prizes for guessing what the theme is. Friendly landlord who kept asking what the score was. We weren't certain but he seemed happy with the answers. Free salted peanuts.

Cross the road and you will come to :

8. The Rising Sim - Bridge St. [17.00]
Beers: Courage Best and Directors.

The cellar of this pub was once a prison and could be again. But what a way to gol Loud music from CD jukebox. An historic pub which has unfortunately been ruined by the blight of modernisation.

Go back along Bridge St. and High St., and passed the Guildhall should be The Square. On the right will be :

9. The 01de Market Inn - The Square. [17.45] Beers: Pompey Royal, Strong Countru, Fremlins, Wad 6X.

Very pleasant pub with wood panelling. Near the Cathedral.

Go further along the Square, turn left into Gt. Minster St. and you will find:

10. The Old Vine Inn - 8, Gt. Minster St. [18.30] Beers: Courage Best and Directors, Yorkshire.

Pleasant pub overlooking the Cathedral. Note the Laura Ashley decor. Cigars appear in the notes for the trial but I can't remember why.

The next pub is a bit of a trek but well worth it. Turn right out of the pub, down Symonds St., left into St. Swithin St., and right into Kingsgate St. After a few minutes walk you will be rewarded by, on the right :

11. The Queen Inn - 28, Kingsgate St. [20.00]
Beers: Marstons Pedigree and Best.

Simply the best pub on the trip. A small cosy cottage pub where the team felt they had to linger. There was a friendly barmaid who gave invaluable advice on the content of the trip. Try the old 2p (used to be 1d) slot machine on the wall. The dog liked crisps and the cats wandered around.

Having dragged yourself away from this gem. We retrace our steps, turn left into St. Swithin St., right into Southgate St. and right then left into Jewry St. Further along on the left is the last port of call :

12. The Theatre Bar. [21.00 or whenever]
Beers: Various Gales Beers .

A small bar attached to the theatre. Quiet and a pleasant way to round off the day.

The station is a short walk away. Trains to London leave at 2 mins (fast) and 13 mins (slow) past the hour. The last one being 12.50 am. Journey time varies 1 hour (fast) or 1 hour 25 minutes (slow train)

Team : Geoff Wilson, Alan Wilson, Dave Saffrey, Martin (I must meet my friends in Farnborough) Williams.
Date: 26 August 1989.

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