Hassrale Trips:- Christmas 1987

Date: Tuesday 22nd December 1987

As you may have realised, it is now the festive season. Mick Norman usually organises a trip for those stalwarts still at work during Christmas week. Mick, as some of you will know, is currently trying to be John Silver but without the parrot. I have therefore been press ganged - sorry volunteered - to stagger around some pubs to select venues for those devoted souls still working that week in which they can quench their thirst. The route for this trip is simple, so I should not get lost this time. The approximate times of leaving are in [].

And so into Union Street ....

1. The Rose and Crown - corner of Ayres St SE1 [18:30]

Courage Best and Directors are on offer here in this two bar pub. One bar just caters for snooker/pool. The saloon is comfortable though.

2. Three Jolly Gardeners - corner of Guildford St SE1 [19:00]

Comfortable two bar pub in which you top up to carry you on to pub No. 3. Websters Yorkshire is the only real ale on sale.

3. Union Jack - corner of Gt Suffolk St SE1 [19:45]

After the long walk, you can choose between Flowers and Wethereds at this large one bar pub.

4. The Lord Nelson - corner of Nelson St SE1 [20:30]

The beer in here is Charringtons IPA and Bass. The pub itself, for those still capable of noticing is a pleasant, two bar pub with a Nelson theme.

We now leave Union St and enter the Cut ....

5. The Ring - corner of Blackfriars Rd SE1 [21:15]

This one bar pub, which many will know, serves Friary Meux, Burton and Taylor Walker.

6. Anchor and Hope - corner of Greet St SE1 [22:00]

I understand that this was the first pub Wells acquired in London. Wells Eagle and Bombardier are on offer.

7. The Windmill - corner of Windmill Walk SE1 [22:45]

This used not to serve real ale. It now serves Courage Best and Directors. The outside belies the pleasantly decorated two bar pub.

Anyone wanting food should avail themselves of any opportunity which occurs. Pub No 7 serves food in the evening, the others may have some snacks. There are plenty of take-aways and eating houses in the area, though.

John Carter

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