Hassrale Trips: Xmas 1998

Date: Wednesday 21st December 1998

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The trip this year conveniently starts where the recent Round Waterloo Trip ended. It includes some old HASSRALE haunts whilst introducing members to a few more of SE1's many pubs. Hungry members will have to take pot luck, although if you can stand the hunger pains a visit to Tony Alman's favourite fish and chip shop (opposite pub number 4) will not disappoint you.

Leaving times are in [] after pub names.

1. Wellington Tavern - 81 Waterloo Road [18:30]

Beers: Burkes Free House which usually has 8 real ales on sale

An easy to find pub situated opposite Waterloo Station entrance. Members will remember this large somewhat sprawling pub from previous excursions with HASSRALE. Food should be available.

On leaving pub, turn left and proceed down Waterloo Road until you reach The Cut (by The Old Vic). Turn left into The Cut and walk on until Hatfields. Turn left into Hatfields and the next pub is on your right.

2. The Mitre - 51 Hatfields [19:15]

Beers: Flowers and Wethereds

A small one-bar pub which I suppose could be called split-level, but only by someone 6 inches tall. A free pint will be awarded to anyone able to stand upright on the top step of the spiral staircase.

On leaving the pub, return to the Cut then turn left into The Cut and go on until you reach Blackfriars Road. Turn right (for a change) and walk south until Webber St. Turn left into Webber St. and you will find the next pub on the right by the railway bridge.

3. General Abercrombie - 94 Webber St. [20:00]

Beers: Courage Best and Directors

A new recruit to the ranks of real ale pubs. Bar staff and customers showed great interest in the copy of the SE London Beer Guide which we subtly left on the bar when ordering. A two bar pub recently redecorated in electric blue. Has a good juke box and plenty of seating in the saloon bar for members exhausted from the long trek from the Mitre.

On leaving pub continue down Webber St, cross Soutwark Bridge Rd. and into the next hostelry.

4. Winchester - 154 Great Suffolk Street [20:45]

Beers: Courage Best and Directors

A small comfortabel two bar pub with a welcoming atmosphere. Formerly an old Music Hall I undestand. Usefully situated near arguably the best fish and chip shop in SE1.

On leaving the pub turn right down Great Suffolk St., pass the fish and chip shop (its worth another mention and no I'm not on a 10% commission) and stagger on until you come to..

5. Skinners Arms - 125 Great Suffolk Street [21:15]

Beers: Wethereds

A one bar pub this time with a pool table which takes up most of the public bar area. A friendly pub and one well worth a visit at lunchtime for a meal. Wethereds was not on sale when we visited - delivery had not had time to settle. Hopefully all will be well on the night.

On leaving pub, continue down Great Suffolk St. until you reach Borough High Street. Turn right and walk south to the Ship (corner of Borough Rd.).

6. Ship - 68 Borough Road [22:00]

Beers: Fullers Pride and ESB

The venue for several HASSRALE AGM's. A popular one bar pub serving a good pint. With luck the dart board should be free if anyone is capable of hitting it.

To reach the last pub retrace your steps towards the Red Lion, crossing Borough High Street on the way. Turn right into Trinity St. and the last pub is on the right on the corner with Swan St.

7. Trinity Arms - 29 Swan Street

Beers: Banks and Taylor Shefford Bitter, St Albans Ale, SOS and SOD

A two bar pub with two fires (not real I'm afraid) in the saloon. One of the growing number of Banks and Taylor pubs in London. I think though that this one is their only pub south of the Thames.

Look forward to seeing you on the trip. You should have had enough time to recover from the Hassrale Xmas party on 9th December. - John Carter, Mick Norman and Tony Alman

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